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Thread: Sending Messages & Friend Invites

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    Sending Messages & Friend Invites

    Please make a way to invite a friend of a friend in your co-op to be your friend and to join the co-op. We want to send an invitation to a particular township,but there's no invite option. And another great suggestion, you should make it available to send a message to any one of your friends even if they are not in your co-op.

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    A friend of a friend... let's make that clearer for the explanation. FriendB is a friend of friendA. If friendA is in your co-op, he/she should send an invite to join your co-op. If he/she can't, it may be due to his/her co-op status. You need to be Elder to send invitation (if my memory is not faulty).

    As for private message to any players, it has been rejected by the devs. See the link in my signature.

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