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Thread: Which element do dislike the most?

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    Which element do dislike the most?

    I really dislike the swans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catcat View Post
    I really dislike the swans.
    There are things that can be even more irritating but I don't think I ever enjoy a swan level. I know one thing, I'd trade the swans to get the moles back any day.

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    I've to admit, I really like the statues levels. Sometimes I think "oh no", but if they aren't appearing for a longer time, I'm glad if they come back.

    I dislike the ivy the most. But wouldn't want they disappear. Unfortunately I hadn't a chance to play the mole levels. I would be glad to try it out at least. *sigh*
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    I also don't like the ivy - there always seems to be a tile that it twines around away from where you're clearing the others. That's part of the game though and you just have to deal with it. I really disliked the moles as you couldn't often control how they would pop up and swipe everything above when you'd made matches on the lower part of the board. I was amazed that Playrix removed them - again for me it was a feature of the game that I just had to work around.

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    I don't like the timed levels. I enjoy the strategy of the game. Not random picks as fast as you can. Which by the way are almost never the best moves you can make. This game is a relaxing thoughtful strategy game to me....timer sucks.

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    I haven't seen the swan statues in a VERY long time (hundreds of levels), i forgot about their existence...

    While they are a handful sometimes, i don't mind them as much as any spreading element, be it ivy or honey..

    But if i could choose to change something, i would like that when we create power-ups in the ice levels, they wouldn't froze immediately, and we could use them without having to break the ice first!

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    Definitely ivy . . . you are one move from winning the level and then your drink or anything else got chained and you have to make a powerup to clear that. But as you are saying, every element is a good distraction sometimes.

    These days I hate the time levels too, because my old mobile got really slow when I passed the 800 level and it got really laggy in these levels and the time doesnt wait .

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    I actually loved the moles, pseudo-controlling them was so much fun..

    I'm not a big fan of the butterflies, mostly because of how rockets (which I otherwise love) interact with them.

    Also these blankets, as they are flat out boring. Thankfully they almost never appear anyway..

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