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Thread: Regatta: Show who recycled a task

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    Regatta: Show who recycled a task


    Idea: If a co-op Leader / Co-leader / Elder decides to recycle a task, show who was responsible

    Reasoning: If people decide to recycle tasks just to get the task they want, the leaders have no way of knowing
    who is responsible. This way trolls can keep recycling tasks or for example someone who has a beef with other people or whatever other reason you can think of.

    What is my reason? We as leaders want to grant the title and " power " of invitation and recycling to members
    who deserve it, and have shown they have the best of intentions for the co-op. But we've also have a member who was
    nice, helpful and gained a lot of regatta points yet got very upset and left when he didn't get promoted to elder (noone was) and giving him the ability to recycle tasks just to get himself a plane task. Which for all we know; he would have recycled everything for. This unacceptable behavior would not be able to get discovered if there are several elders who have deserved the title and thus I ask to show the person responsible for the recycling of tasks.

    Thank you for your time.
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    It's s great idea in theory, but I don't think it could work in practice. In some co ops low score tasks are dumped, new ones purchased with t cash ...over and over until there are only high scoring tasks. While something like this could be tracked, it could be a long list in some co ops. Currently the dumped task is replaced as soon as a new task becomes available, so the window to actually be able to see who dumped a task is very small.

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    You are absolutely right, however, Playrix would, I think, be wise to consider all its players. And even though my suggestion would not benefit those top-tier players. It would benefit the majority I think. But you bring up an excellent point.

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