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Thread: Game crashing on level 301

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    Game crashing on level 301

    Anyone else having trouble with level 301? My game either crashes after 1 move or tells me to make a match when there is no match to be made so I have to quit and restart numerous times only to have it crash again. I've uninstalled and restarted my phone but still no luck. Please help! Thanks!

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    I am having the same problem did you figure out what to do was loving the game until this

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    Having the same problem

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    Hi Kate and everyone else with the same problem.

    You have to report this from within your game. If you can, join a screenshot of the board when you have no moves left and the game stay there waiting. The devs will have to investigate the problem as well as the starting crash. In the Help and support of the game look for the section on crashes.
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    Hi guys! We're deeply sorry for this bug Could you please restart Fishdom once again and see if it helps? This problem should be fixed now.

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