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Thread: Treasure Hunt has no treasure!

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    Treasure Hunt has no treasure!

    I am on level 1417, and have played through several Treasure Hunt events with no problems, but right now the only thing in the treasure chests is the unlimited life bonus, no other "treasure". No point playing treasure hunt if I am not earning any boosters. Please help.

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    Such problem should be reported from within your game. A screenshot of the opened chest showing only the lives would have been helpful with your report but I guess it is too late for that.

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    dennyray and Graylady, and Everyone!

    This is not a bug.
    I have the same issue with the treasure chests having no treasure. My first two chests have NO boosters; only an hour or two of (useless) unlimited lives. The third chest has a few boosters, but is scanty.
    I contacted Support about this and was told:

    "Please note that currently we have a test feature that changed the reward that we receive for opening the treasure chests. We apologize for the inconvenience."

    I don't know what a "test feature" is.
    Apparently, some of us don't get any boosters in the first two chests, while most people do? What's going on?
    Graylady, you are getting the usual nice treasure chests?
    I'm considering starting a conversation on the main discussions page to ask everyone: What's in YOUR treasure chest?
    I think there are also differences in the achievements we are offered.

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