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Thread: Earning Township Cash

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    Earning Township Cash

    Many watch videos to earn Township cash however, for some reason, I don't get any videos to watch. I feel that's not fair. I do spend money to buy Township cash and I wonder if that's the reason why I don't get same opportunity to earn it as others do. In addition, I have heard that some videos are very informative so I feel that I'm missing out on that too. Another way to earn Township cash is to read news. I don't know how often they show up paying cash but I only came across 2 or 3 since I have been playing and I do play every day for several hours. Does anyone have similar problem or has an explanation?

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    I didnt have videos for 2 years. Then all of a sudden I had some for a while, then they went away again. They say it is random as to who gets them. I try to earn Tcash by making and selling jewellery, if you have the jewellery shop might be a useful way to produce Tcash by filling mafia mans helicopter orders.

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    If you want to accumulate trash, don’t buy balloons or chests in the mine.

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    Hi Dori,

    The newspapers come up when you update and at certain intervals in your game play (e.g. “ 100 Days in a row”). You may want to try (saving a pic of your friend code and connecting to a social account before) deleting and reinstalling the game to see if that triggers the videos to come back. Some of the info below may also be of use:


    T-Cash Videos Missing
    The film director videos that offer you coins and Township Cash are “randomly” offered to players and may come and go. Some players report that uninstalling and reinstalling help the videos to come back.

    Playrix Article(s): How do I get orders from the film director?
    Related forum link(s): Common Issue: T-Cash Videos Disappeared
    Related Wiki Article(s): Coins and T-Cash
    From READ ME Before You Post in "NEW TO TOWNSHIP"

    Earning Coins and Township Cash
    You can earn T-Cash when you get your daily bonus from Ernie, receive gifts from friends, complete achievements play in the House of Luck, win a top place in an event, watch videos from the film director[/URL], fill helicopter orders for jewelry, find it in the mine, complete Community Buildings, and comple Zoo families.

    Playrix Article(s): When do I get 4-leaf clovers for helping co-op members?
    Related forum link(s):

    Related Wiki Article(s): Coins and T-Cash
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    Thank you for replying Firenze. The problem is that everyone in my coop gets videos to watch all the time, only I don't. I really thought it was because I spend quite a bit of money on this game on regular basis in which case that wouldn't be fair. By the way, I get orders from film director regularly but that doesn't generate videos to watch. According to what you are saying, they are random and come and go, yet everyone in my coop gets them on regular basis. I will try your suggestion about deleting and reinstalling game but 1 part of your reply isn't clear and I don't understand it "saving pic of friend's code etc." Could you please explain it in more detail. I'm confused by that part. Thank you in advance. Dori

    Although I have been playing only from July I don't consider myself "new" I'm on level 62 and play for hours every day due to my disability. I created my coop and reached gold level racing alone. Also, I am connected to Facebook. ( not sure if any of this helps)
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    Thank you for your comment. Problem is that everyone in my coop gets payed videos on regular basis and I'm the only one that doesn't.

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    Thanks so much for replying. My point is that everyone in my coop gets those videos on regular basis. I'm the only 1 and that's what bothers me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dori Fodor View Post
    I don't understand it "saving pic of friend's code etc." Could you please explain it in more detail. I'm confused by that part.
    What Firenze meant is that before deleting your game and re-installing it, you should take a screenshot of your invite code - which you can find in the friends tab -> invite friends, the code is the one in green. That way, if anything goes wrong, you can still recover your town by providing playrix your code.
    It's also helpful to have your town connected to a social media account, so you can recover your progress easily after you re-install the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dori Fodor View Post
    Thanks so much for replying. My point is that everyone in my coop gets those videos on regular basis. I'm the only 1 and that's what bothers me.
    Did you ever buy t-cash with real money? That may be the reason.

    On my previous device I had a Township game running where I bought a few t-cash and a decoration when I started the game. And I never saw an advertisement video as helicopter mission again. Never, ever.

    On my current device I have a new Township game running, and I'm not buying t-cash. I'm watching videos galore.

    This is all from my personal experience, and I've heard tales that contradict mine, of people who did buy t-cash and do get videos.

    Now, all the above doesn't help you at all right? I will tell you though, on my old device I could play for free and still had plenty of t-cash to go around, keep Raja's market search active at all time, buy boxes galore, even open the silly chests in mines and balloons. Despite having 0 t-cash from advertisement videos! Here's how I did it:

    - get to lvl 53 or above, so you can make jewellery.
    - don't buy the jewellery factory, instead activate Raja's market search, the 10 day offer for 72 t-cash, this is your lifeline.
    - every hour you can buy jewellery from Raja so you have a sufficient stock.
    - every occasion you can flush all the helicopter missions.
    - every occasion you can take the mafia man helicopter mission that gives you t-cash for jewellery.
    - save up at least 72 tcash each time to renew Raja's market search, and do whatever you wish with the surplus.

    Sure, it takes some dedication, but it worked for me and I played like this for 6 months or so. Still, gotta say, it's so much easier and more convenient with video adds.
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