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Thread: Friends Not Showing Up

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    Friends Not Showing Up


    even though i had contact with your support via mail before, i still have only 1 friend in the FB version of the game. i have multiple friends who play this version, but i can not add them, invite them or anything. when i pres invite friends only 25% of my friends list shows up.

    please help!

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    hi Lindy,

    Playrix will not help you through the forum; you will have to re-open that former conversation or start a new one. Good luck!

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    :-( that is very unfortunate. between every mail reply are 3-4 working days, and half of the awnsers are for standard loading issues without reading my issue.. the support team needs more people.

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    yes, that is the standard description of Playrix support we see here, sadly. It seems they're buying time with this. Hiring more (professional) ppl sure would help more.
    Keep replying and good luck!

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