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Thread: How Can I Give Rights To My Co-op Members?

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    How Can I Give Rights To My Co-op Members?


    I've started a new Koop with the name Hope ... and we are just 3 players yet, we'd like to invite our friends but how can I give my Koop members the rights so that they can invite others friends into our Koop?

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    Hi Cristina,

    In order to promote/demote other members of your co-op, you have to go to the co-op building, tap on one of the other players name, and you'll get 3 options - visit their town, change status or kick them out. Tap on change status, and choose from Elder or Co-Leader, they both can send invites to their friends.

    Here are more details on the rankings in the co-op and what they will be allowed to do (taken from Co-op Wiki page):

    LEADER: Person who created the co-op and can change its settings. The leader can invite new members to the co-op, promote and demote them, and promote another member to the position of Co-Leader or another Leader to take over. If the leader leaves the co-op without promoting a replacement, the position will be assumed by the player with the highest rank in the co-op or has been a member of the co-op the longest.

    CO-LEADER: Members that help their Leaders, as only Leaders and Co-Leaders can promote members to this position. While they can do almost everything Leaders can, Co-Leaders aren't allowed to demote or kick the Leader.

    ELDER: Members that can invite other players and accept or decline requests to join the co-op. Leaders and Elders are in charge of deciding who will be in the co-op and monitoring the chat.

    MEMBER: These are the rank-and-file players, and they can request and donate products and interact in the chat. Members can be promoted (they just have to ask the Leaders or Co-Leaders to do it for them).

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    I gave elder rights to my coop members when we were a lonely coop of 4 members (including myself). I told them their job was to promote the coop and send out invites. Within 4 days, we are now a growing coop of 9!

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    Thanks for posting this question as I have also been wondering the same thing, both answers are very helpful! Hope you all have a wonderful night! I am off the add the person I was looking for earlier in the forum since now I have just been made an Elder!

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    I forgot to add the first time around a point about regatta tasks:
    In addition to all the perks mentioned above, all players with a rank above member can dump tasks from the board without starting them first, which does not reduce the number of tasks available for that particular player.

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