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Thread: Black Friday Sale

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    Wow! I wouldn't have bought anything for twenty bucks, either. Mine were 160 t & district for 3.99 or 120 t & booster for 2.99.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Starshine View Post
    Wow! I wouldn't have bought anything for twenty bucks, either. Mine were 160 t & district for 3.99 or 250 t & booster for 2.99.
    You got a GREAT deal! I would have bought them both for those prices! Jealous

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    Akila, it's actually just the usual 35% off. I did buy the bargain district, probably won't buy the other as I think I have a factory booster already that I have never used. I'm just never in that much of a rush for my factory product.

    ETA: oops, just realized I made a typo. The second offer was 120 t-cash and the booster for $2.99. Respectable but not a steal. You're right, 250 for that price WOULD have been a steal! lol

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    I've been offered 160 t-cash and the shopping mall and a crate coupon for $1.99 and 50 t-cash and a factory booster for 99 cents. Obviously, I don't buy t-cash very often at all if Playrix would be happy to get less than a dollar from me -- but I still have a ton of t-cash, so I'm passing on both offers.

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    Mine was 3.99 and 4.99, I think it was for 190 and 230 or something like that. We figured out that the game personalizes their offer based on how much you usually spend. For example, one of my coop members at the time would spend 20+ on a regular basis, and so her offers were higher. But I've never spent more than 4.99 for tcash, so my offer was smaller. Then, another coop member had never spent money for tcash before, and her offer was 1.99. At first, we thought that we were all being offered the same amount of tcash for different prices....but no...the tcash goes up when the price goes up.

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    I did not buy anything,was hoping for something along the line of black friday discount on mr Rajah,would have suited me much better than a useless decoration of a shopping mall.Is it too much to ask for something that can be of use to me?I know I can sell the mall evetually,but as I use the litlle man in the market place a lot,more of a pleasure.So black friday came and went,no shopping in a little mall for me.Sorry.

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    Actually I'm to late on this forum, I bought the smaller sale mostly for the Factory Booster, which may come in handy (or not) when the aerial event starts on Monday.

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    Sale for me on W10 phone is coins plus unwanted building materials. I'll pass. If there were decorations I'd probably buy.

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