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    Train Materials

    They should really find a new system for the delivery of materials delivered based on what is really low and send that. It's not keeping the balance. I'm very angry b/c I sold some materials from my barn that i really needed by accident , my barn was reaching it's limit, and in my haste b/c the next train was in 4 min. I didn't realize 1 building was completed. So I accidentally sold what was need as I had a few waiting for completion. Now 2 trains have come and gone and they never brought what I sold. It's B.S. as nothi g gets accomplished this way, only the barn keeps filling with construction materials talk g up lots of space. I feel like I'm running around in circles accomplishing nothing.

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    I have received over 20 trains and no glass that need badly. ready to give up playing this game have spent way to much money already. not fair at all.

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    The best way to deal with building materials is like this.

    1- Build only ONE building at a time
    2- Keep only what you need to finish that building. Sell all the excess you receive.

    Scott, check your bricks and slabs quantities. My guess is you have more then needed for your building. Sell the extra and it should trigger the glass to come in. Keep selling the coming bricks and slabs until you get the needed glass.

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