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Thread: Display The Last Date Active For Each Co-op Member

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    Display The Last Date Active For Each Co-op Member

    Our co-op is full but it's very obvious that some players have left the game/stopped playing. But, I think we are all a bit too polite to kick them out. But they are taking up positions in our co-op. If you displayed a date "last active" it would allow us to make an informed decision e.g. No activity for 4 months then we remove. Alternatively could you centrally remove inactive players from their co-op after 6 months of inactive. Their game remains intact, it's just they would have to rejoin a co-op. Would love to get your feedback on this suggestion. Thanks 😊

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    If the players are opted out of the regatta then you can say their disappearance isn't harming you. But, they're not helping you either, because they are not filling coop requests or any train/plane crates. I agree with Bess, kick them as politely as you feel is right.
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    Can we have more info for the task on the member of the coop

    I would like to know if it is possible for the head of a coop to have a tool to follow
    the members in order to know the status of their tasks they have done
    and also what would be nice to have a tool to make messages.

    All to make the best decision when you have to exclude a member of the coop


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