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Thread: level 59 in homescapes

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    level 59 in homescapes

    I need help knowing how to pass level 59 please. Thanks

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    Here's a vid for level 59.

    Cherries and apples are the goals here. You need to break the chains in order to fill up the board, so I would recommend trying to make straight rockets in order to shoot them down and break the chains. Once you get the chains broken, try to make as many boosters as possible like more rockets and paper planes in order to begin clearing the jam so you have more room to work. A rocket sent straight down the center column is the easiest way to clear that area up and rockets can also hit the apple trays and remove apples.

    As always in every level, look for chances to make rainbow balls and combine them with other boosters. The rocket combined with the rainbow ball is especially nice here but any booster will work. Another good combination is to combine the rockets with round bombs. It's an easier combo to make than the rainbow ball combos and can clear a lot of the board.
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