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Thread: Co op size disadvantages in the regattas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Missy's View Post
    oopsi, saw the latest post and didn't notice the age of the rest ....

    So deleted my sermon and ask for peace
    Lol, omg me too!

    I thought it was renewed battle of beat the solo teams to submission. Howevah, I am leaving my epistle as is since it's excuse to reiterate individual task lists idea. Also, I don't think I saw this thread first time through. Was probably drowned in the chorus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garvamatic View Post
    Lol, omg me too!

    I thought it was renewed battle of beat the solo teams to submission. Howevah, I am leaving my epistle as is since it's excuse to reiterate individual task lists idea. […]
    lol - chancer!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Missy's View Post
    lol - chancer!
    Ikr. Also, it's my most righteously indignant post in defence of the little guys ever lol. I should have wiped it out in embarrassment.

    I wonder if they will change the regatta with the valentine's update. Now that we're all fired up for a fight lol, would be good timing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garvamatic View Post
    So let's return to the simplest solution I've thought of: imagine every racer having his own task list.
    I like it better with "her" own task list, of course.

    Good post, IMO. (and also found its tone better than the post that triggered it now...)

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    This is a great example of a Zombie thread. You thought it was dead and gone (finally) and then << BAM >> someone brings it back to life.

    As such, I will not continue the debate with my own thoughts.
    We are a team of a few good people who are in the golden league!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wwt View Post
    I'm listing the reasons I think single player coops should not be penalized in any manner.

    1. Security - Hackers, spoofers and trolls. Playrix has the disclaimer in the chat windows for
    good reason and this is why it stays there. Children play this game and many parents may not be
    able to monitor the chat line at any given time.

    2. Health reasons - People may not be able to interact with others such as required in bigger
    coops playing the regatta.

    3. Time restraints - Work, some people's life in general makes it impossible to play the
    regatta as a group.

    4. Opt In/Out option - Players are in a larger coop out but the other members opt out
    and they are racing single or small group. A coop of ten could have 5 players
    opt out of the regatta so they have in effect become a coop of 5 etc. How does this effect
    their standing on the regatta leaderboard if they wish to retain their coop place on it.
    As I see it larger coops can in effect have it both ways, race as a large or small

    5. Gameplay - I do not feel that single player racers who quit playing with a larger coop because
    of a bad experience can be expected to continually join large coops until they find the right
    one, to keep from missing regatta benefits. After a few bad experiences some people may
    decide not to play township at all.

    There are disadvantages and advantages for each, large and small coops. Large coops can have
    a large number of elders dumping the task board to bring up the high point tasks. Single players
    can dump as their gameplay time permits.

    Large coops have support unavailable to single player coops like product requests. Single players
    may wait a long time for a coconut to fill a last crate on a jet task. Team members can help with
    getting clovers for the HOL task.

    The fun of racing with a team of course is not there, but as listed above, some of the reasons players
    may decide on a single member coop to enjoy the regatta

    EXACTLY!! Very well said. Thanks for posting.
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    Solo Co-ops will NEVER EVER Win a Spot On the Global Leaderboard or a Global Prize

    Quote Originally Posted by Jessie Bustin View Post
    Congrats to all those crazy amazing scores on the golden league leaderboard! I know that the forum has noted the advantages of the 1 player co op and I was hoping to expand on that a little and provide reasons why I believe this is hurting the social aspect to the game.

    The obvious advantage is that getting one person to complete all their tasks week in and week out is much simpler than orchestrating 20-30 players and their schedules. The obvious answer as many successful townshippers(yep I am making up words now) have implemented is to form a co op of one. The only lost benefit is the ability to request items in chat. Yet even this could be exploited by having other members join your co op after the start of the regatta each week or having others chose not to race. I noted one high scoring single person co op recruiting members after a regatta start only to kick them and start the whole process over the following week.

    The second advantage is that the single player co op is able to plan their tasks further out. 30 players choosing from 12 tasks is so much more difficult to prepare for than a single player lining up supplies for the 12 tasks set before them. Even the difference from 10-30 players lowers the number of tasks available at any given time during a race. Fewer choices means more difficulty.

    So the advantages are clear. The point of a co op either in a game or otherwise is to use your numbers to make accomplishing a goal easier. In real life a housing co op is able to maintain a building by sharing tasks and splitting up keep costs. Farming and food co ops are able to share large quantities of food to save money. The advantages of going it alone are in contradiction with the definition of a cooperative.

    The other lasting affect will in the end be felt by playrix. It is common for freemium game players to spend greater amounts of real money when they approach a goal. Having 200 single player co ops on the regatta leaderboard means fewer competitive players tempted to purchase t cash than having 200 30 player co ops. The studies of freemium games also show that people play more often and spend more money when there is social interaction in the game. Not only do I want to check on my town, I want to visit my friends!

    I have a few solutions to these problems. Such as adding more tasks to the list the larger your co op is, not having a time delay when a task is selected only when it is dropped, and maybe only opening regattas to co ops of 5 or more players. Or maybe playrix can adjust the leaderboard point system to deal with these issues. Either way, it seems like an issue that will need to be addressed in one way or another if playrix wants to keep the attention of as many players as possible.
    Let's take this point-by-point:
    1) Co-ops with fewer than 3 members can't even complete all chests; 2x 16x 135 = 4320.
    A soloist can NEVER score more than 2160 unless they win a place: 16 x 135 without dumping.
    2) Players who join a co-op after the start of a regatta cannot compete for that week. Maybe, and I
    don't know for sure, non-racers could fill a request every 1 1/2 hrs using a power-up. But, "Help"
    from friends can come any time.
    3) Co-ops are pooled ( assigned opponents in a given race ) according to the number of members
    marked as "racing." Solo co-ops often have to face individual racers from co-ops with 29 other
    members. All 29 can contribute aide as friends.
    4) I don't know what kind of task board you have faced, but I'm lucky to see 3x 135 tasks out of the 12
    possible slots at any given time. Usually they include plane, train or boat tasks where prep can
    account for 1 send, but aside from alternating planes w. trains, I haven't been able to chain two
    similar tasks in several weeks.
    5) Also, I don't know what leaderboard you are looking at: there are 0, no solo co-ops anywhere on my
    Global Regatta Winners board nor on the American board. All have 30 members.
    6) Until the recent Interseasonal rule changes, soloists couldn't rest without losing a league. They
    still can't delegate difficult tasks to advantaged members. Nor can they ask another member to
    fill-in when it's necessary to leave or do "real world" tasks. The soloist can only dump tasks or take
    the hit for tasks undone or races missed.
    7) As for "freemium" players spending cash, ( and watching Ads should count here as enriching Playrix
    ) soloists spending habits are just as varied as other players.

    Two things affect the "social" aspects of the game: the channels available, and the tenor of the conversation. Excluding conversation between general players may make it easier to enforce content restrictions and coax players to form co-ops, but closes off any idea of learning to cooperate outside of existing groups. Township really isn't meant to foster communications and cooperation between language groups, age groups, etc. It's not that capable. As for the tenor of the conversation, Playrix has done about as good a job as one could expect under these limitations.

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    I like your idea of immediate refills for “Taken” Tasks vs. “Dumped Tasks”. However, we are a tiny Co-op (4 Members, with one on sabbatical, so, yeah, 3 members) and we take turns participating in the Regatta. We all got burned out in a highly competitive 30-member Co-op and I created mine for people to be able to have fun and enjoy the game instead of stressing over Regatta standings. As long as 1-person Teams are paired with othe 1-person teams, it should not make any difference to other Co-ops.

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