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Thread: Super hard level

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    Super hard level

    Level 2281.
    Anybody got past it?

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    Hi Pipou,

    my 2281 is not marked as Super Hard, it's just regular. I haven't played it yet, I'm saving it for tomorrow's Treasure Hunt.

    But my current repeat level got marked as Super Hard after the latest update and it is super hard indeed. I spent an hour or two on it on unlimited lives and never even got close. It's going to be easy to beat with boosts but I don't want to waste boosts on those unrewarding repeat levels :-)

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    Hi Sky
    My superhard level has an iceberg in the middle top and a bunch of oysters close together underneath.
    Do you have the same?
    When I get new levels and I have a treasure hunt on I can choose which one to play and I take the easier one to beat Leo. I will get to the superhard again later.
    I am in the emerald league now. How about you?

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    Hi Pipou,

    for my superhard, check the attachment. I eventually got fed up with it, used two boosters (a star and dynamite with a star), reloaded a few times until the stars got next to each other and beat it in a couple of moves.

    BTW, after the latest update, the game introduced some bugs. Can you see what's wrong in the screenshot of the superhard level? :-)

    The 2281 is also attached, it was fairly easy.

    I'm also in the emerald league but I ran out of regular levels and ran into another frustrating superhard repeat level very quickly. So, we'll see on Monday if I'm still emerald :-)

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