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Thread: Regatta Task Reservations

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jessie Bustin View Post
    Congrats on the mining task grab! I snuck one in yesterday too I haven't even seen any HOL tasks this week let alone been able to grab it before one of my teammates.
    Have only seen one HOL task so far this regatta, which is unusual, and which I wasn't lucky enough to get .
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    Quote Originally Posted by cdosr View Post
    Laurel, I think I have a "blended solution". As an alternative to a "reservation system", I could get behind a "queueing system" that worked like this:

    When a player hits "Start" on a task, that becomes their Primary task to perform. Counts against your task limit, gameplay continues as it does now.

    When the player hits "Start" on a second task, that task goes into the queue. Counts against your task limit, you are allowed only one queue entry. To use an American Baseball term, the first task is "At Bat", the second task is "In the On Deck Circle". The task comes out of the co-op task list and is replaced by a new task.

    The player works on the first task while accumulating what is needed for the second task, in other words, they are staging. Growing what they need, dispatching ships to fetch items, producing what's needed for the trains and plane, etc. But nothing is actually counted toward the 2nd task until.....

    When the first task is complete, the "On Deck" task becomes the primary and the player is allowed to select a new "On Deck" task.

    Task limits apply so "Start" may be grayed out or they can purchase 1 more, etc. All that normal stuff.

    Anyway, allowing a single "in the queue" task would unclutter the co-op task list and not seriously alter the game mechanics.

    Yeah, I could support such a feature. Gets the co-op leadership out of the loop too. Anything to make the job easier but improves the gameplay and productivity of the team is OK.
    Work smarter not harder! I LOVE this idea!

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    Should have got a possibility to redirect his/her tasks to another one or posibility how to ask co-players for next tasks... Players, who finished their own tasks, could start work on tasks of his/ her co-players, which will receive from them

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    Honestly... I don't know how I feel about this.

    People in my coop are trying to reserve tasks all the time, and I almost never see it because they chat so much that it gets lost in there, but you know what... I have to do tasks too. And 2 more mining tasks could pop up by the time I'm done with it and you've finally sent off your 4th plane. And sure, your sheeps are ready to harvest, but so are mine and probably everyone's in the coop... In the end we all have our tasks to do and we'll all pick whatever's most convenient for us at the time. Reserving a task might make it easier for you, but maybe not for the rest of your team.

    So I guess it would probably turn me off coops more than anything else.

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