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Thread: Regatta Task Reservations

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    Congrats on the mining task grab! I snuck one in yesterday too I haven't even seen any HOL tasks this week let alone been able to grab it before one of my teammates.

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    Thanks for your answers, cdosr! As always, well thought out. I would have some counter-arguments to some of your ideas/suggestions there, but my English is not up to this kind of discussion Anyway, just wanted to add some things to consider, in case the Devs ever should look into this.

    Congrats on finally getting your mining task, lol!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Laurel Cove View Post
    Good points everyone. Another solution would be to allow racers to work on more than one task at a time.
    Laurel, I think I have a "blended solution". As an alternative to a "reservation system", I could get behind a "queueing system" that worked like this:

    When a player hits "Start" on a task, that becomes their Primary task to perform. Counts against your task limit, gameplay continues as it does now.

    When the player hits "Start" on a second task, that task goes into the queue. Counts against your task limit, you are allowed only one queue entry. To use an American Baseball term, the first task is "At Bat", the second task is "In the On Deck Circle". The task comes out of the co-op task list and is replaced by a new task.

    The player works on the first task while accumulating what is needed for the second task, in other words, they are staging. Growing what they need, dispatching ships to fetch items, producing what's needed for the trains and plane, etc. But nothing is actually counted toward the 2nd task until.....

    When the first task is complete, the "On Deck" task becomes the primary and the player is allowed to select a new "On Deck" task.

    Task limits apply so "Start" may be grayed out or they can purchase 1 more, etc. All that normal stuff.

    Anyway, allowing a single "in the queue" task would unclutter the co-op task list and not seriously alter the game mechanics.

    Yeah, I could support such a feature. Gets the co-op leadership out of the loop too. Anything to make the job easier but improves the gameplay and productivity of the team is OK.

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    Hi Cdosr

    I like your idea but I already see players snatching the highest points or the most sought after tasks or selecting an extra task 12 hours in advance. I would suggest putting a time limit to start the second task but it would not solved the problem that someone else could have done it meanwhile.
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    Cdsor...most excellent idea. It would solve a lot of problems with racers preparing for a task only to have it taken away before they can claim it.
    Greylady..I'm not sure the taking of the most sought tasks would be a problem. Task can always be dumped if there are only low point or only unappealing tasks available. And once a racer has 2 tasks, they couldn't take another until they finished the first one...plenty of time for other racers to select tasks.
    I would like to see the "on deck" task to come off the task board...maybe moved down to the active task section where it could be grayed out. If left grayed out on the task board, in large co ops, there is the potential for all 12 tasks to be grayed out.
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    Laurel, yeah, I did say the second task should come off the task board and be replaced by a new task. should probably go directly into the players "Task Log" as "On deck" and listed above the one highlighted in blue, the current active task.

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    I love the "on deck" solution!!!!!! It makes it fair and even for all and fixes the issue of having fewer tasks available in the list. I am cheersing you from miles away cdosr! Township player idea of the month in my book!

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    Oh and one other thing. Playrix, if you are reading these posts, please consider changing the timeout when refreshing the task list after someone "Start"s a task. With only 12 tasks available at one time and 25-30 people trying to get a task, having to wait 30 minutes until a replacement task shows up just drains away all the fun plus causes other intra-team issues.

    Please consider doing it like the helicopter orders, immediately get a new order, or as you did in the animal races, a 1 minute delay. I understand that there should be a penalty for "cancelling" an order or "dumping" as task, you don't want to encourage "task flipping", rapidly throwing away tasks to get a good one. So, in those instances a longer, 30 minute delay is warranted. However, the penalty should not apply in normal gameplay of starting a regatta task.

    Please, it would make a lot of people happy.
    Thanks for listening,

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    Please inform me....HOW DO I CHANGE THE CO-OP's NAME, if possible?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adizton View Post
    Please inform me....HOW DO I CHANGE THE CO-OP's NAME, if possible?
    Hi there. You can ask Playrix to change your co op name, but only in special circumstances will they change it. Those being if the name chosen is offensive or similar reasons.

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