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Thread: Hard and super hard levels

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    Hard and super hard levels

    This is the only game I've ever spent real money on. When the hard levels first came out you were able to win double the money which I thought was great. Then they took that away and now I'm earning the same amount on hard levels as any other level and I don't think that's fair. I may delete the game. So my suggestion is to go back to earning more coins on hard and super hard levels.

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    I find these levels really dumb. Some hard levels are more easy than normal levels. And the amount of hard levels are just ridiculous. Almost every second level is a hard level.

    Just name them in;
    "Djeez, I hope I get any bombs"- levels.
    "How the heck do I solve this without bombs?!"- levels.
    "You will never solve this without power ups"-levels.

    P.S. I only had normal levels before I got these hard levels. And I never got double the money for any hard level at all.

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