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Thread: Lives Won't Refill

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    Lives Won't Refill

    When I closed the game 7 hours ago I had zero lives. When I opened it this morning there were only 4. The game didn't refill to the max of 5.

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    I have this issue regularly. I'd love to see a fix.

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    One thing to check is if you're stopping your game during a level. The game subtracts lives only when you restart* or lose a level - not when you start it. So, for example, if you play a level halfway through, then go to bed, your lives will go to five. When you wake up, if you play through the rest of the level and lose (or restart it), your life would then be subtracted and it will look like you've started the day at 4.

    So, try to make sure when you stop playing, you're not in a level, but in the garden with Austin and the dog.

    *restart after using one or more moves. fun tip: if you haven't made a move, you can restart the level without losing a life!

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    Thanks, Honor! That's a good point.
    One more thing to check is that your time and date settings haven't been changed as this may affect the in-game timer and you'll have to wait quite a few days for it to get back to normal.

    If the issue persists even despite none of the cases apply, be sure to message the support from the settings of your game (you can find the instructions in my signature).
    -If you're having troubles with the game, please check out our Help & Support articles first.
    -In case you need further assistance, write a report from the game. To do so, follow the steps from this tutorial video.
    -If your game doesn't open, you can contact our support team here.

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