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Thread: Regatta global rankings either flawed or rewarding cheaters

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    That loop hole wouldn't make sense unless it was in error. If two people played, even if one dropped out, it should still averaged the score by 2.

    We placed 3rd and our bonus for position was 30 points. To someone who placed 1st or 2nd, what was your bonus points?

    The team who placed 1st in our group had an average score of 1830. They obviously dumped a LOT of tasks. Their final score was 1811. Dumping the tasks used up all their position bonus and ate into their average score. Still, they rank #123 on the leaderboard. So how bad really is dumping tasks?

    We never dumped any tasks yet was penalized 0.9 points. Had to have been something one of the members did, either dump or let expire.

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    I think everyone needs to keep in mind that the leaderboard score is different than your regatta score. So while there is no position bonus for your regatta score there is for your leaderboard score. Your leaderboard score is your average player regatta points plus position bonus minus your dump penalty(tasks dumped divided by number of players). The current leader is at 1916, looks like the weeded out the cheaters and seems like a legit number to me.

    I do however have 2 issues with the current system. The first being the advantage that goes to single player co ops that has been brought up a few times today already. Second, the rules said our leaderboard score would be figured from our time spent in gold league only. Technically weren't all of these co ops in silver last week? So shouldn't we not have a leaderboard till next week? Also, we were told that dump tasks don't count until gold, and they were all in silver last week. This then addresses another issue: after 2 weeks on the leaderboard it will become harder to stay there. 3 perfect weeks in a row are harder than 2. So co ops new to the gold league will have an advantage on the leaderboard, which seems silly. I am hoping the system is tweaked soon. Good luck to all in this weeks regatta!

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    My thoughts exactly as I totaled the highest possible tasks and couldn't reach over 1180.

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