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Thread: I Think His Name Is Ralph?

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    I Think His Name Is Ralph?

    Some time back a fabulous zoo designer was mentioned and I visited his zoo. It was amazing! I wanted to show it to my sister's but couldn't remember the full name of the town. Seemed like his name was Ralph. Can anyone help me please? Thanks!

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    AutumnJoy, it was Ralph Carson, Seul Sur La Mer... He was a friend to many here on the Forum, and a very dear friend to our Nana here. I am sure she will add more.
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    If you want to find the zoo again, search for the co-op "FantaSea", there's only one town there.

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    All the info above is correct - however, the Zoo design you saw when Ralph was playing has been changed. His game is now continued by his spouse, Gerry.
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    It has changed but still wonderful! I can't wait to show it to my sisters! Thanks again!

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    Autumn, you may find this thread a heartwarming read. It is in tribute to the original mayor/designer of that town/zoo, Ralph: In Memoriam: Ralph Carson He had a significant impact in the Township world from Playrix to forums and back.
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