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Thread: Need help with level 57....

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    Need help with level 57....

    I am on level 57...been there for weeks...cannot get past it...cannot get all the flowers...please help...

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    Please could you post a screenshot or a link to a fitting youtube video? Or explaining what are the tasks? Most members here will not exactly remember this level.

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    This level you have to grow flowers that bloom and disperse out of the garden and you have to have three in a row so they are counted or use booms to count as many as possible. You have to get 20 flowers grown and bloomed in 32 seconds to move to the next level. Alsp to make it even more difficult some of the fruit is locked around the garden and have to be unlocked to get to the garden. The most flowers I have been able to grow and count is 12. If there is a trick to doing this please tell me cause I am close to deleting the game....I don't want to delete it cause I like but this is crazy being stuck on the same level for weeks and weeks....thank you for your help...

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    Ok, it's a timed level.

    To unlock the fruits, you have to make bombs. Try to make as many bombs as possible. Don't let explode a single bomb alone but try to collect more and let them explode together (loading rainbow blast).

    Before you start again to play this level look over the field: Do you see good matches? Note where you can make your first matches and only then do start to play - so you can save a bit time.
    Try to make matches/bombs in the bottom. Because if you are working in the bottom the upper field is changing too and often there will be made additional matches which will help you.
    Make as many matches as you can - try to get "in flow" without thinking, just making.
    Don't look at the ticking clock and make the sound quiet - so you have less stress and a bit bigger chance to solve the level.

    Don't stress you by thinking "I have to solve the level now", better is to think "I know I'll solve it but it has not to be just in this moment". I don't start a timed level if I don't have all five lives full. For me timed levels mean to reduce stress, that's the most important thing for me.

    Cross my fingers and wish you good luck!

    Report if you have more questions - I wish you that you don't have to delete the game.

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    I too am stuck on 57. IT IS NOT TIMED. Please respond with an answer knowing it's not timed. It's very difficult.

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    Here is a video of someone completing the non-timed level. As with all flower levels, your goal will to Always Be Growing. Once you've cleared some of the chained items at the bottom you want to take every possible opportunity to make matches next to the flower plots. If you can't make a match next the the flower plot, focus on generating power-ups. Try not to detonate power-ups unless you can detonate multiple power-ups at once or have your power-up at least hit the flower plot. I always like to save a rainbow blast to try and collect flowers when I get low on moves. Now that this level isn't timed you can take your time and make sure each move is giving you the best outcome. Work from the bottom and don't make matches that don't help you grow flowers or help you set-up or create power-ups. Good luck.

    Here are two other videos. One. Two.
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