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Thread: 13.11 Township Trivia: Thanksgiving Edition

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    13.11 Township Trivia: Thanksgiving Edition

    Hey, Townshippers!
    Are you ready to give it a shot in the TOWNSHIP TRIVIA: THANKSGIVING EDITION?

    COUNT all MUFFINS and POST their correct quantity in the comments below!
    FIVE winners chosen randomly will get a chance to WIN 250 T-cash each!
    Good luck!

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    And I hope kindle players can get their update very soon!

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    Maybe they think concentrating on this picture will keep everyone quiet!

    Or is this a trick question?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nastya Chertenkova View Post

    I have yet to find a cupcake but I see plenty of muffins!!
    Forever living in hope lol

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    I count 32 as well. And good point Pink...those look more like muffins. There is no frosting!

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    Dear Players, thank you so much for pointing out an unfortunate inaccuracy in the text. We've amended the post. The task is to count all muffins. Wishing you the best of luck in this contest!
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    I make it 32 muffins. Looking forward to Christmas on iMac!

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    I see 32 muffins

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    I also make it 32 muffins.

    Thanksgiving looks like a nice celebration

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    Yup, 32 for me too. Good luck folks!
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