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Thread: Placing orders on trains/planes

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    Placing orders on trains/planes

    I think it would be great if we could choose what comes in on trains and if planes would also bring in cargo that we could choose. That would allow us to focus on one thing, like expanding barn or finishing building.

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    I know it can get very frustrating waiting for items you need to build and expand, but that is the name of the game as the saying goes. They do have to drag it out some what, otherwise people would be finished very quickly with the iron is there are enough people without much to build if anything. That is why the cake, things like the race, events as they call them and even probable the zoo was formed for the people near the end. So it definitely gets frustrating when we all get to be involved with these other things going on. Do wish myself that it was a pinch less frustrating.

    Maybe as an event the devs can come up with something that we can choose building/expansion materials. Maybe I'll suggest that somewhere

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    Is there a way to get more than 1 train? I see 3 train tracks

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    Yes, you get a 2nd and then a 3rd. Got this from the wiki, so hope this is still up to date.

    1 Level 5 free
    2 Level 14 1,000 Coins
    3 Level 25 14,000 coins
    Platform: iOS (iPad/iPhone)
    Town Level: 95
    Zoo Level: 22

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    At the very least it would be nice if it were fairer In its rewards. I get more bricks and slabs than anything else (which take up barn storage) and rarely get any glass. I have 6 or 7 buildings at a time that need it and that's not including upgrading in my zoo.
    If it's random maybe it should be changed to a percentage system or something. Although I like the idea of choosing your rewards!
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