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Thread: Messages to friends

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    Quote Originally Posted by _DD_ View Post
    A bit more communication into their forum wouldn't be a bad idea, though. ;-)
    Hi DD!
    I agree completely, nataly, liza and the rest very rarely comment on any posts recently. The only communication seems to be for gardenscapes promotions only. Its as though township and any player issues seem very far down on their list of priorities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrsNRod View Post
    I was wondering why we can't message our friends, only those in the co-op.
    A message board for everyone.
    I have people who help me all the time. But are apparently happy with their current co-op, as they haven't accepted my invitations... I'd like to at least say thanks personally to the always prompt help. But I don't have a way to do that! And in a game where communication and cooperation are SO important, it would solve a lot of issues. Not everyone wants to be a Facebook junkie. And all of these games are set up so to get the perks you HAVE to have an account... Drives me BATTY!
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    Hi Taghethbryn

    Thanks for contributing to the forum. Please continue to do so

    But just to let you know I will be editing your post in line with forum rule number 12:!
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    Touching Base with previous Friends ..

    To my friends on my previous Coop...
    Unable to communicate with them...which is sad ..I left the coop ...due to a few reasons...nothing major..
    I started my own coop..Tasha's Coop.
    I have not invited any of the previous coop members to I feel..I did tell them about my intentions and if they feel they would like to join me they just need to join as the coop is open.

    I hope they read this as there is no hard feelings on my part ..enjoyed the chatting..sharing ...

    Thanks ...have a great day ..come join me ...

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    Just a thought

    Quote Originally Posted by hyacinth View Post
    To be fair Flicka, the co op is a new feature introduced earlier this year. There have been teething issues with the co op chat feature and the developers are working on fixing that for everybody. Your argument regarding money is not really applicable here as not every member wants a chat function, but also the co op is still being developed, so changes may happen after the quirky bits are fixed and then again, they may not. We'll have to wait and see
    I agree that having anyone chat all the time would be frustrating. However that can be eliminated by options such as having options to disable chat or chat with friends only. I also love having the ability to ignore annoying individuals. The only thing I am not sure on is if I would prefer the chat to be in IM form or more like the co-opportunity chat because with so many people talking could get confusing. Then again I am one of those annoying people who ask questions others don't care about.
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    Yes we need a way to privately communicate with our friends and fellow coop members. Especially as a coop leader it would be extremely helpful to be able to privately discuss matters with my co-leaders.

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    Dawn, you read through a LOT of messages to get this one, and yet you missed the easy to find second sticky.

    Please review the list:
    We are a team of a few good people who are in the golden league!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawn Despard Highley View Post
    Yes we need a way to privately communicate with our friends and fellow coop members. Especially as a coop leader it would be extremely helpful to be able to privately discuss matters with my co-leaders.
    Hi Dawn, there has been some discussion on this previously. Maybe this thread will give you some ideas.
    Forever living in hope lol

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    Why don't you use the private message feature of this forum? If your friend is registered here and you know his name then you're OK. If not, a Monday when the regatta is over, you can exit your coop, join the other's, tell him your name and come again to your coop, and then you can send him all the messages you want, even to many people.

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