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Thread: 10.11 Sweet Week Event In Township!

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    10.11 Sweet Week Event In Township!

    Hello, Townshipper!

    Don't miss out our Sweet Week Event! It has already started!

    Open a pastry shop to make cakes and coffee for visitors and win awesome rewards.
    Make new goods: Chef's hat, Cookbook, Tablecloth, and Spatula.
    Enjoy 8 custom decorations available at the store.
    Check out new pedestrians, vehicles, and sketches during the event!

    Good luck!

    Watch an exciting Sweet Week announcent on our Youtube channel:
    Don't forget to subscribe for more videos!

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    Please add a preparation manual in shop.

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    Hello Forum Members and Visitors!

    Lots of discussions about this update and the first event are underway so to help you jump right in, here are a few popular threads:

    Sweet Week Event: General Questions & Opinions
    Sweet Week Event: Upgrade Strategies
    Sweet Week Event: Mystery Ingredients?
    Sweet Week Event: Colorblind Players

    November Update is Here!
    Update Preventing Game from Loading - November 2017
    No Update in Amazon Appstore (Kindle) - November 2017
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    You guys actually ought to make this a permanent mini game for us while we wait for ships and regatta tasks.

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    Why doesn't the PC version update like the rest of them? It's a sweet game and easier to play on the PC but the cool updates are bypassed on the PC. Doesn't seem fair somehow. It can't be that much of a difference in programming, can it? Let's get the PC version up to speed with the rest of them!

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    Couldn't agree more Ron Leathers. I didn't realise these events existed until my daughter updated for Halloween on her android tablet, and just this morning and got the sweet event. It would be great to have more to do between trains, ships and planes too

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    Hi , I had other members and I noticed sweet event ends in a hr but tasks in regatta says till end of regatta to finish tasks . So we are guessing sweet event race is ending the sweet event task race but keeping sweet event tasks in regatta until regatta ends as it says on sweet event tasks end of race.
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    That is not a correct assumption. The sweet event is over! Your bakery is gone, and the tasks should be gone, too.

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    Tasks for event ARE still there for me in grey stating event over.....wut,why,huh?

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    very nice game.

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