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Thread: Infinite lives

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    I love the fact there is infinite lives but I agree that it would be best to chose when to use it. I often play before bed and the. I get 3 hours of infinite lives which are wasted as I have to get up at 6:30

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    Agreed. I usually play a few levels at night before bed, and I typically go to bed after midnight. So it's quite annoying to get infinite life rewards when I want to go to sleep. Usually, it just goes unused.

    The point of mobile gaming is to be casual and a quick "in and out". If I wanted a time commitment, I'd go play Skyrim on my PC.

    But I get Playrix's side too. They don't want you saving up your infinite time because they hope you spend some real world money to get additional lives and whatnot. End of the day, it's a business and I have no issue with that.

    A nice compromise is something the folks behind Mechwarrior Online (a PC game) do with their "reward time". They put it into a bank for you, but once you activate it, the clock doesn't stop. So for example, if you have a day long reward and activate it, it runs for 24 hours whether you play or not. Point being, if you're going to give us a two hour reward, let us decide when to start the timer, but make it a timer that will not end once started.

    It's win-win.

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