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Thread: Co-op Online Status In Chat

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    Co-op Online Status In Chat

    A Co-op member recently wondered if the online status could also show up next to our names in Chat so we would know immediately if the person we wanted to say something to was still online without having to leave Chat to check the Co op Building. Many of our members agreed this would be helpful.

    I saw that this was suggested at least one other time but didn’t seem to get any response.

    If you would find this useful, PLEASE COMMENT as more responses means a suggestion is [theoretically] more likely to get attention from devs.
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    I’ll second that.. it would let you easily see if somebody went off mid-convo and be a nice addition to seeing it in the coop building generally.

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    The online display in the Coop building is already much more than I want to be displayed and even that is IMO hurting privacy already. Playrix overruled many contra-postings on this forum with it. JIC: no, the third status with the "don't show..." is no (good) solution either.
    So, sorry but I don't support this idea.

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    Well, I don't see how an option in settings "don't show my online status" would hurt.
    _DD_ still has a valid point.
    And indication of online presence is not supposed to work real time anyway, it's not Skype.
    In general in game chat-messaging system will always suck, because it is a secondary feature, which devs don't care much about.

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    I second/third the idea. If you're participating in a co-op and racing, seeing the light on next to your name is important for collaboration and cooperation.

    I also wanted to suggest the light on the task list.

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    I'd like to see online status in chat. As leader i chat with individuals frequently, just to visit and see how their doing that day or for encouragment. Communication is key in our co-op. Anything to make it easier sounds good to me. Co-op eration should be easy. Peeps that dont do chat can "hide online status" in additional settings. Great co-ops are made up of great individuals that communicate. Jmo

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    I’d assume that if someone chose to hide their status in the coop building, then that’s how it would also show in the chat, so those who prefer it that way would lose nothing, but those who choose to show their status could benefit. So it still seems like a conflict-free idea to me.

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    If this were to be implemented, one thing I would definitely not want to see are numerous system messages stating 'X is now online', as I find this very annoying in other games.

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    I just say...hi, anyone home??

    I don't want anymore clutter on my screen, lol...but I do miss the level besides names in co op

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