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Thread: Game Is Lagging After Update

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    Game Is Lagging After Update

    Since the new update fishdom is very Laggy on my note 4. My wife has the same on her samsung Tab A. Fishes are pausing every second. Please fix. Levels are no fun to play.

    P.S. I was hoping for new aquariums instead of yet another challenge and a few fishes.
    Don"t we have challenges enough with treasure hunt every Monday and Friday, Leo and Herman every week?
    A lot of people are waiting for new aquariums.

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    Having the same problem really laggy

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    Też mam problem z zawieszeniem po aktualizacji nie da się grać. ..

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    Same problem here. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 with Android 7
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    Please read this important post by Playrix about Township : Wishes/requests already rejected by Playrix

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    The same problem on Redmi note 4. And I'm waiting for new tanks too.

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    Game is impossible to play since please..never had a problem before update, now it is stopping all the time can not even feed fishies.🤔😯

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    Yes very much so I was fixing to put the same thing on here but y'all beat me to it....But FISHDOM never had any problems until last update,like everyone is saying very Laggy almost impossible to beat levels with the hated bombs cause it's a few seconds slow like a few minutes ago I was on a level with bombs & when I needed to hurry & get rid of all whites I made my move but bombs blowed before the game actually took my move so yes sucks really bad right now I was getting so frustrated with it I had to quit for now & figured I'd let y'all knw FISHDOM ISN'T WORKING RIGHT SINCE LAST UPDATE....☹
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    Same here!
    TERRIBLE lagging, fish are indeed "pausing" and don't always get the rewards after watching the videos.
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    Are the playrix developers aware of this?
    So far no reaction

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    После обновления игра не работает!!!! 1644 уровня прошла. Обидно. . Разработчики, отзовитесь!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Марина Паксеева View Post
    После обновления игра не работает!!!! 1644 уровня прошла. Обидно. . Разработчики, отзовитесь!!!!

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