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Thread: Tasks Mysteriously Dumped

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    Unhappy Tasks Mysteriously Dumped

    There was a task requiring growing and collecting cocoa. In anticipation of picking that task I grew the cocoa, but then the task disappeared. I checked tasks picked by other members of co-op but it wasn’t picked. it simply disappeared. I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else.

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    Yeah, it usually happens when somebody else deletes it from the board. Any elder, co-leader or leader can do it.

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    Yes it does, frequently! I have asked Township why this is happening, but have not received a satisfactory reply, as yet. Same thing happened to me today with collecting fish from the islands, it just disappeared after 4 minutes, and is not showing up in my coop members tasks. In my coop we reserve tasks for up to three hours, and we all honour this, or instantly apologize if a reserved task is taken by mistake. It does create a suspicious attitude in an otherwise very friendly coop. I am the leader so generally know what is going on. Grrrr.

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    Hi Crozati

    Tasks do not just disappear. Someone has to delete them. Not everyone will admit to making a mistake. If you really want total control of the tasks board in your co-op, just demote everyone to "member" only. You will be the only one able to delete the tasks. First thing I would try in your situation is to remind your team that anyone deleting a task on their board, delete it for everyone. Many new players think everyone has it's own board to do whatever they wish with it.

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