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Thread: Extras For Regatta?

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    Extras For Regatta?

    Hi All,
    Sorry if this has already been posted....
    It would be great in the co-op list where it states how many points each player has earned in the regatta if it could also state how many of the tasks each player has completed.
    Also, in the chat side bar, there is a star next to each member with their level. Could this star change colour dependent on if they were online? I.E Green if online within last 5 minutes, yellow if within last half hour and red if not logged on in over an hour? or something like that?
    And could we have a notice board for sticky notes within the co-op so leaders/elders etc could write notes / tips etc that don't get lost as more members leave notes in the side bar?
    Could it be possible that peoples requests stay at the top of the chat and the chat messages are below so you don't have to scroll through 40 messages to get to the town that needs help?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Some sort of pinned message board would be handy. My coop is chatty and you can only go back so far (which is farther back than I really want to go most the time anyway). So having key messages somewhere for all to see regardless of other chatter would be great!

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    I want to echo Kirsten and Layne's suggestions.

    As a Co-op leader I found it useful to know the current progress of the team and knowing the number of tasks completed would be great. I don't necessarily need to see their "task completion log", just that they've done 3 or 5 tasks. With 26 active members, it's really impossible to just ask them over and over as the race progresses.

    It would also be nice to know their progress in the current task. In the task window, the regatta avatar shows my task (by default) with the task details and my progress, time remaining, point value for the task, and a trash can. If I click on another active task, I see the task requirement (e.g., airplane x 4) but not the current progress. Again, it would help to know this.

    Lastly, the only real issue I have with the chat window in a chatty group is that it's possible for the various game messages to scroll off the bottom. The "<bob's> Town Needs Help" message can easily be lost in the chat chaff. The "Product Requests" too but at least they have the little green exclamation point arrows to show if there is a request above or below the current chat window scroll position. I don't know if those can scroll off the bottom of the world (99 message limit) and be lost forever, never tried to experiment with that. Also, requests to join a "by request" co-op appear in the chat with the "Red Reject" or "Green Accept" Buttons and are subject to scrolling off the bottom.

    It would be real helpful if those green exclamation point arrows would also include the "Town Need Help" and "Request to Join" messages so we'd know to go scrolling to look for those important messages.

    Thanks for listening,

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    Hi, a "nudge" button would be good in the regatta, rather than just kicking people out, it's a nice reminder to get involved!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirsten Elisabeth View Post
    Hi, a "nudge" button would be good in the regatta, rather than just kicking people out, it's a nice reminder to get involved!
    Yes, I'd love a "nudge" button. Brings back memories. Just after I got my driver's license, my father would let me drive on family trips and he'd sit behind me. If I wasn't going fast enough, I get a gentle "nudge" by his knee into the back of my seat. If I sped up too much, my mother in the passenger seat would hit me on the arm and tell me to slow down. Knee - Arm, the 1960's version of "cruise control"

    So yes, a "nudge" to go faster

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