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Thread: Township America?

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    Township America?

    I’ve noticed how “American” this game seems-like American holidays. The game creators are Russian I believe. Do they offer versions for each country? That would be pretty amazing. Does anybody know?

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    You might want to review the history of the events on the Township Wiki to see the variety of what's been celebrated.

    Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving / Fall Harvest Time, and Chinese New Year all seem to align with various holidays celebrated in many countries. So far I haven't seen anything specifically "American" like the 4th of July or any specific country holiday (Cinco de Mayo, May Day, Bastille Day, etc.)

    The only thing vaguely American is the current "Western Season" which seems to have a US West vibe although I don't know much about how the Argentine Gauchos live on the open range.

    I wouldn't mind seeing a "Dr. Zhivago" Ice Palace decoration for my Winter Land or a Sleigh Race event across the Russian Steppes

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    There definitely are quite a few American elements in the game. But there also are European and Asian elements. To me this game is internationally oriented, and that includes something of everything.

    Some of the American elements are less obvious than others. For example the Barn has very typically American looks.

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    I haven’t seen any specifically American stuff really, except for the Wild West theme, which is obviously well-known almost everywhere via movies so is relatable to many. Even the barn is a ‘Dutch barn’, I think, which I assume was popularised by settlers from Holland, though I could be totally making that up. Perhaps that’s a clue to why the game seems so American to you, OP - because the US has taken on so many cultural influences from all over the place and made them feel like their own when they actually don’t originate there at all. The translations do seem to be into American English rather than British, but with no trousers/pants in the factory, it scarcely matters. Hey, maybe that’s why!

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    It's common for all online games to feature three events: Halloween, New Year and Easter because they are so nicely spaced across the year. Football event is usual to fill for the summer. Besides, I think, they just pick the most popular event for the particular month. The particularly Russian events are not very likely, 'cause there isn't anything specifically popular in the summer months. Chinese new year is a good example of a good event, though not universal, it's well known globally and fits nicely between the New Year and Easter.

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    But the fact that the forum is displaying dates in US formed MM-DD-YYYY, while all stuff uses DD-MM is hilarious. Poor Playrix cannot afford someone to reconfigure the forum engine.

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