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Thread: Buy Back Failed Task For 10 Tcash

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    Buy Back Failed Task For 10 Tcash

    I hate it when I get busy and fail a task. It just happened to me my crop was finished but not harvested. So my suggestion is, if you fail a task because of expired time limit. Allow us to buy it back for 10 cash.

    Thanks for the consideration.

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    I actually don't see how it can hurt Playrix and looks doable, so don't see a reason why it should not be implemented.

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    It's been suggested before, and it's nice to hear it again. Perhaps someday it will make the list of "frequently suggested."

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    If I were in charge (of the whole world, preferably) i’d say no way! I want people to fail tasks if they don’t perform as well - throwing money at the game already irritates me tbh. Unless it’s me failing or spending, lol, then it’s obviously totally different.

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