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Thread: Concern - Master Akira

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    I finished this area as soon as I could because I HATED it! And yes, the Yoda-speak was so annoying.

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    SUPER racist. I can't imagine how this level got through QA. I cringe every time I open the game on this level. It's painful.

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    I agree Playrix is using the Master Akira character as an insult.

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    Not only are the ethnic references wrong, but this is the first time I cannot find a way to complete a level...I am on 1446. It seems to me this entire area needs to be redesigned.

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    Change how Master Akira talks pls

    Hi Playrix how many players have to say that the way you all make Master Akira talk is racist, before you change how he talks? One more? Ten more? Why do you insist on making your players either feel insulted or uncomfortable? Master Akira is not Yoda, and don't try to get around copyright infringement by making Master Akira talk something like Yoda but worse. It doesn't work.

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    I, too, created an account just so I could complain about this guy. I’m not Asian, but find him completely offensive as ‘representative’ of Asian people. And if all the references to the Force and the way he speaks are supposed to just be making fun of Star Wars and Yoda, well they’re not even doing that right. The sentence structure is complete nonsense, highly irritating, and I just can’t wait to be done with this whole ridiculous area!! I can’t believe we’re wasting stars and levels to acquire special outfits and gear for Austin’s ‘training’. Let’s just finish the garden and move on. Please??

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    Playrix what is it going to take to make these changes?

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    One more person joining the forums just to complain about Master Akira. I was flabbergasted when the character made his appearance and was such an obvious "asian" stereotype. The broken English is horrible enough, but Japanese and Chinese things have both been appropriated and made to seem like they are both part of some generic "asian" culture. How did the people who wrote and created this sequence not realize how horribly offensive it was?

    I've been playing Gardenscapes happily for almost a year now, but Master Akira has made me not want to continue any further. The character is supposed to be an expert on Asian studies, why couldn't he have been presented like a college professor? Why does he have to look like an old master from a 70s samurai film? It's just ridiculous to see such stereotypes about Asians being perpetuated in this day and age. For heck's sake, please make an update to the game and change him!

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    Maybe Playrix really doesn't care what we think. Or, they think any publicity is good publicity. Or they are really racist. I would think they would address this issue at some point but they ignore ignore ignore.

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    Do you really think people talk like that? You really are obtuse!

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