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Thread: Concern - Master Akira

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    Quote Originally Posted by dandelion View Post
    I wasn't suggesting that the decision to make an Asian character speak in what could be described as 'broken English' was for comic relief; I was suggesting a more derisive goal. Obtuse you asked what would make the character less stereotypical I suggested dropping the Yoda-speak. You asked what would convey that he is an ancient master and I meant to add that calling the character "Master" Akira does that fairly well. Also if we wanted to discuss other means of communication I might have given the example of telepathy not eyebrows. Just sayin'
    I had gathered you felt the character was mocking the very nature of what it was trying to represent. I do understand your point that if Master Akira were to speak like every other character, the ability to offend would be significantly decreased. Never of course eliminated but would get it closer. On the subject of Yoda speak, is that Master Akira doesn't even really speak like Yoda. Yoda takes a noun and follows it with a verb. "To the Death Star, you must go!" but Master Akira can be painful sometimes, he takes many of his lines one step further, he'll break the sentence up into such disjointed pieces that some sentences are almost illegible. In way, I almost wish Master Akira had a translator with him. So he could speak in his own language and then his translator could convey a less Yoda-speak like sentence to Austin. And even better, the translator and Master Akira could speak using telepathy. I think we're getting somewhere.

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    Hey Obtuse I guess we are in violent agreement: the Asian character Playrix created speaks in broken English (he breaks sentences up) and at times he can't be understood (almost illegible); these are two ways used to imply a character is less intelligent than those around him or her. We agree; the question is what does Playrix think?

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    Knowing history helps us be aware to not repeat it at times. Google 'the Asian character in "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

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    To Nataly Kuzmina re Master Akira

    Hi Nataly I was wondering if you would confirm that Playrix used the likeness of the character I. Y. Yunioshi from the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" for the character of Master Akira? Akira is drawn so that his eyes actually appear to be at an angle; and I think the teeth are fairly prominent as well. It is as if you just aged Yunioshi. Well you know what I like to say: not cool Playrix not cool. Talk amongst yourselves and then let us all know, ok?

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    Playrix I'm disappointed u didn't admit to anything but then again u didn't deny anything either. Fellow players go to youtube if u want and search for the MANAA video on Breakfast at Tiffany's; the video shows a drawing which is basically the character in B@T but also for Master A. Soon it will be up to all of u to watch out for Playrix and their subliminal messages; I will be (happily) leading a life completely free from Austin the butler. Just think abt how great that will be--days and days without Austin. Yeah! In my defense remember I'm the one that called accurately the day Playrix would start the Halloween event so they could maximize profit. If u see something wrong stand up and say something.

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    My comment is under review so who knows what word I used to trigger that. Watch out for Playrix fellow players and pay attention to entrenched racism.

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    Hi there! Thanks for sharing your concern. We can assure you that I. Y. Yunioshi wasn't used as a reference for Master Akira and any resemblance is purely coincidental. But I'll be sure to forward your feedback to our development team o let them know about your concern. Thanks again!

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    Hi Nataly thanks I guess for ur reply. If my other comment which is still in review ever gets posted, I said Playrix didn't respond to my concern but I wrote that last night. So do u ever feel like Sarah Huckabee Sanders must feel sometimes? Then again I don't know if she has feelings. Anyway the development team knows abt Master A's likeness to a garish caricature (at best) but u can see the image in the MANAA youtube video abt Breakfast at Tiffany's. As I said in my as yet to be posted comment I am happily anticipating a life without any Austin the butler so yeah! Days and days and days without Austin. U hang tough grrl a job is a job. If u see something wrong u gotta say something tho.

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    Master Akira

    Master Akira is wise beyond his years but he can't form a sentence, PLEASE STOP!!!! Asian people do not talk like this.

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    Wow I actually made an account for this forum to say exactly this.
    The entire Master Akira/Asian garden section of the game is so racist! Old Asian men don’t speak like Yoda, there isn’t anything mysterious or mystical about being Asian, and there is no distinction between any of the Asian influences in the garden. Most of the garden is Japanese yet Austin orders a “wushu” outfit for exercise and plants bamboo in the garden.
    The way Master Akira speaks and Austin’s reaction to how “strange” Master Akira is makes it seem like Asian people and culture are so different and something to be made fun of.
    Not okay.

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