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Thread: Concern - Master Akira

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    I line in with the others. Master Akira and his garden area both come off as racist, even to a white male person like me. I'm usually not even one to point out cultural appropriation, but in this case it's so bad I need to speak up.

    I suggest the following simple changes to make it better:
    - let Akira speak wisely and with proper grammar
    - drop the star wars insiders, that would be a concept for a whole new area
    - since a change of the images will be hard to implement, you can introduce him as a professor and make him tell Austin why he picked that attire, simply mention it's not up to date
    - add some cultural info in the speech between installments ("Sakura are popular in Japan" "Bamboo grows in..." "This style of building is the same as in..." "Yoga originated from...") so players understand that an "Asian" garden is really a mix of different things and even learn something while they play

    I understand that all the characters are caricatures, but Akira went a bit far. I'm so glad I'm finished with the area, I hated working on it.

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    Yes, please make him talk properly and give the players info on the cultural background of all the different "Asian" things in that area.

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    The whole Asian section is embarrassingly ignorant. I was SO looking forward to it and then just kept cringing with every new item added. So idiotic, so *tasteless*!! It's the one section I ignore as best as I can.

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    Cultural stereotypes

    I am finding that some in game characters are portrayed in cultural stereotypical ways. Especially the character of Master Akira seems problematic to me because he seen as a representative of a uniform "Eastern" culture which is not associated to any Nation or group of people specifically but rather combines aspects from different cultures into a single mix that is commonly associated with a neocolonial notion of the "Far East".
    Such a portrayal can fuel stereotypes and can therefore be harmful. It would be better to make such characters representatives of a clearly defined group of people rather than of a generalized Western cultural idea.

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