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    Exclamation READ ME Before You Post in "TOWNSHIP TROUBLES & SOLUTIONS"



    This guide will answer the most Frequently Asked Questions for this sub-forum and guide you to the most popular topics and threads; essentially this is a "directory" for this sub-forum to help reduce the number of sticky threads needed at the top. Look for "Common Issue" links to read about and share your situation with others dealing with similar situations.

    Please note: most of the interaction here is with other players; these are player-moderated forums. Playrix hosts these forums and you may see a Playrix admin pop in to make announcements or occasionally respond to a thread.

    Please review the following before starting a new thread:

    • Read through this post/thread to see if your question is answered (see the Search Thread option at the top right).
      Check the other READ ME guides to see if your question is answered:
      -- READ ME Before You Post in "NEW TO TOWNSHIP"
      -- READ ME Before You Post in "ZOO DISCUSSIONS"
    • Review Forum Rules and the Forum Guide.
    • Check the Playrix Township Help guide (also found in-game), Township Wiki, and search the forum using Advanced Search or look at the top right of each forum or thread for the “Search Forum” or “Search Thread” option to contain your search to that area.
    • For most game issues, your best chance for resolution is to Contact Township Support -- if you realize you are experiencing a true bug and it's not due to game parameters or user error, PLEASE be sure to report it to Support; frequent reports from users will help them resolve these kinds of bugs faster for everyone. If you can, do so from within the game as it sends additional device/town details to help Support answer your question. If you are locked out of your game entirely, use this form (but only if you can’t send a message from within the game. Once you’ve submitted a support ticket, stay in contact.
    • Reply to every message they send you, even the automated ones, to keep your ticket open. You may also have to follow up with them and draw attention to your ticket if you don’t hear from them for a day or so. If you are keeping up with your responses to Support but do not get your issue resolved within a week or so, from them for a week try sending a Private Message to the Township Forum admin. Please put effort into resolving your issue with Customer Support first as admin will redirect you to support and flooding them with PMs will slow down solutions for others.
    • Give your thread a subject that clearly indicates the topic of your question (e.g. Regatta Glitch, Lost Game, Banned Game, Update Issues, etc). Generic subjects like “help” or “question” are not useful to others with similar questions. (Plus earn brownie points with the Moderators )
    • Be sure to include details: what platform you are playing on (iOS/Android/Kindle/MAC/Windows/etc.), whether your game is connected to a social media system (Facebook/Google+/etc.), and your town level. This information will make it a lot easier for forum members to help you.

    If you notice any errors in this thread, please send a private message to a Moderator:
    dreadnought or Nevada.
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