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    Exclamation READ ME Before You Post in "TOWNSHIP TROUBLES & SOLUTIONS"



    This guide will answer the most Frequently Asked Questions for this sub-forum and guide you to the most popular topics and threads; essentially this is a "directory" for this sub-forum to help reduce the number of sticky threads needed at the top. Look for "Common Issue" links to read about and share your situation with others dealing with similar situations.

    Please note: most of the interaction here is with other players; these are player-moderated forums. Playrix hosts these forums and you may see a Playrix admin pop in to make announcements or occasionally respond to a thread.

    Please review the following before starting a new thread:

    • Read through this post/thread to see if your question is answered (see the Search Thread option at the top right).
      Check the other READ ME guides to see if your question is answered:
      -- READ ME Before You Post in "NEW TO TOWNSHIP"
      -- READ ME Before You Post in "ZOO DISCUSSIONS"
    • Review Forum Rules and the Forum Guide.
    • Check the Playrix Township Help guide (also found in-game), Township Wiki, and search the forum using Advanced Search or look at the top right of each forum or thread for the “Search Forum” or “Search Thread” option to contain your search to that area.
    • For most game issues, your best chance for resolution is to Contact Township Support -- if you realize you are experiencing a true bug and it's not due to game parameters or user error, PLEASE be sure to report it to Support; frequent reports from users will help them resolve these kinds of bugs faster for everyone. If you can, do so from within the game as it sends additional device/town details to help Support answer your question. If you are locked out of your game entirely, use this form (but only if you can’t send a message from within the game. Once you’ve submitted a support ticket, stay in contact.
    • Reply to every message they send you, even the automated ones, to keep your ticket open. You may also have to follow up with them and draw attention to your ticket if you don’t hear from them for a day or so. If you are keeping up with your responses to Support but do not get your issue resolved within a week or so, from them for a week try sending a Private Message to the Township Forum admin. Please put effort into resolving your issue with Customer Support first as admin will redirect you to support and flooding them with PMs will slow down solutions for others.
    • Give your thread a subject that clearly indicates the topic of your question (e.g. Regatta Glitch, Lost Game, Banned Game, Update Issues, etc). Generic subjects like “help” or “question” are not useful to others with similar questions. (Plus earn brownie points with the Moderators )
    • Be sure to include details: what platform you are playing on (iOS/Android/Kindle/MAC/Windows/etc.), whether your game is connected to a social media system (Facebook/Google+/etc.), and your town level. This information will make it a lot easier for forum members to help you.

    If you notice any errors in this thread, please send a private message to a Moderator:
    dreadnought or Nevada.
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    Question Frequently Asked Questions/Common Issues (A-O)

    Cheating/Suspected Cheating
    Playrix takes a hard stance against cheating and as a player you have agreed to play according to their Fair Play policy. If you wonder if you are out of bounds or that someone else is violating this policy, please consider all of the following information, including the links provided.

    • The only place to fairly purchase Township cash is in the game.
    • If you suspect someone of cheating, be sure that you understand that such an accusation is very serious; be sure that you understand what constitutes cheating before you report it. DO NOT NAME NAMES OF SUSPECTED CHEATERS IN THIS FORUM. You will need to contact Township support.
    • Unexpected regatta points are often mistaken for "cheating" when players can gain advantages due to certain strategies and/or the use of Township cash that perfectly abide by the Fair Play policy.

    Sometimes the cheating filters flag players who do not cheat. We do not know why they do this and we will probably never be told as that would give cheaters an advantage to try to get around these filters. There are things you can do to protect your town in the case of an unfair ban and make it easier for yourself and Support to clear your account if you were not in violation of their policies. See the links below for more information.

    Playrix Article(s):
    Related forum link(s):

    Facebook Won't Connect
    If you're having trouble connecting your game to Facebook, double check your internet connection. Be sure your software and app are up to date. Restart your device and try again by clicking the Cog/Gear icon at the top left of your game screen. If that doesn't work, be sure it's still showing disconnected in game then log on to Facebook on a web browser, not an app. Navigate to Facebook Settings > Apps > Logged in with Facebook and tap the X next to Township to revoke permissions. Restart your device then go back in-game to try to connect again. If the problem persists after trying all of the above, you will need to contact Support.

    Playrix Article(s): Related forum link(s):

    Lost Progress/Lost Game
    Was your game connected to Google (or any other social account) before you lost your town? (If you’ve only connected now, it won’t have any data to reload). If it was, be sure it’s the same account and try disconnecting, restarting your device/app, and reconnecting. If that doesn’t work, review the links below and submit a support ticket.

    Playrix Article(s): Loss of progress and items
    Related forum link(s):

    Missing Decor/Building/Field
    If you’ve lost an item that you purchased, you’re not the first! Sometimes we tuck things behind other things and it seems they are lost forever. Be sure to thoroughly check your town and your Storage; maybe even enlist your Co-op members on the treasure hunt to see if you can track it down with fresh eyes.

    Once you (and others) have given your town a good look-over and determined your item is truly missing then double check your Storage one more time and contact Township support. Be sure to use the game name for the item (to help Support easily identify the item) and include any screenshots you might have that show your missing item in your town and/or a receipt (if it was a purchase from an offer).

    Playrix Article(s): I’m missing a building/decoration/field
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    Question Frequently Asked Questions/Common Issues (P-Z)

    Regatta Points Missing/Incorrectly Calculated
    See this topic as "Points Missing" in the Co-op and Regatta READ ME.

    T-Cash Videos Missing
    The film director videos that offer you coins and Township Cash are “randomly” offered to players and may come and go. Some players report that uninstalling and reinstalling help the videos to come back.

    Playrix Article(s): How do I get orders from the film director?
    Related forum link(s): Common Issue: T-Cash Videos Disappeared
    Related Wiki Article(s): Coins and T-Cash

    Transfer Game Progress to New Device
    Remember that you should have one town per device; adding another town to the same device will override the first. See the links below for

    Playrix Article(s): How do I transfer my game progress to my new device?
    Related forum link(s): Transfer Game Progress to New Device

    Update Availability
    Updates roll out in batches by platform; we tend to see a bunch of iOS users and a bunch of Android users who see the update in their respective stores at once, but even still, sometimes players with the same platform take a while to see it. Be sure that your device’s software is up to date, restart your device, and learn more through the links below.

    Playrix Article(s):
    Related forum link(s): Related Wiki Article(s): Township Updates

    Update Issues
    Please remember that the forums are mostly used by other players; we cannot fix anything for you — you must contact Playrix. There are a few things you can try to help yourself, though, so see below...

    Don’t see an update at all? The updates roll out differently for everyone so if you don’t have it yet, check your internet connection, restart your device, and be patient. Maybe even try the ideas below.

    Update taking forever to load? Graphics still loading? When you make an update, even after it downloads you may be able to launch the game, but graphics may still take some time to load. If it says “graphics still loading,” this is probably not a glitch, but simply the game taking time to finish. Be sure your Internet connection is working well and give it some time.

    >>> If you are having OTHER issues like it won’t load at all or the game stopped working or crashes, try as much of the following as you can:

    1. To be sure your device meets minimum system requirements, click here.
    - If you don’t have enough memory, the game cannot update.
    - Some updates will not perform properly if your device’s software is not on the latest operating system.
    - Access the game’s update directly through your device’s application store. Sometimes links via Facebook or elsewhere cause errors.

    —> CHECK YOUR DEVICE: Out-of-date device software, lack of memory, and poor internet connection are the most common problems!

    2. Restart your device. Be sure it’s re-connected to the internet.

    3. If the above actions do not fix your problem (TRY THEM FIRST) and if you can do so:
    - Take screenshots of your friend code and level/T-cash/coins.
    - Connect your game to Facebook, Google, or Game Circle (depending on your device) to back up your town.
    - Delete the app. Install Township again. Reconnect to your social account.
    Note: If you don’t already do so, it’s a good idea to keep photos of your friend code, tcash, and receipts anyway in case of this kind of issue or others.

    4. If all of the above doesn’t work, take screenshots of your issue (screen blank or loading, etc) and send them along with any Town-identifying screenshots to Playrix. Be sure to include your details and screenshots and reply to every message they send you, even automated ones, to keep your support ticket open.
    >>>If you can access the Help section in the game, USE THAT and click the Contact Us option because it will help Support to find you faster.
    >>> If that method won’t work because you are locked out, use this form.

    Unfairly Banned
    Playrix deals with a high volume of cheats and sometimes innocent players get caught in the filter. You should see a screen that will allow you to contact support. Immediately submit a response to support with any information you can gather: your town name and level, your purchase history, and any screenshots of receipts and your T-Cash. If you missed that screen or are for some reason unable to send a message, use this form instead. See above for tips regarding contacting support.

    Playrix Article(s):
    Related forum link(s):
    Banned from the Game

    Zoo Reset or Missing Buildings
    This appears to be a glitch that happens to some users; so far no player conclusions have been made and there are no noted admin comments on the subject. Please refer all questions regarding this to Playrix Support. Feel free to read about others dealing with this and share your situation on the Common Issue: Zoo Reset or Missing Buildings thread.
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