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Thread: Difficulty Progression & New Tasks

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    Difficulty Progression & New Tasks

    Difficulty Progression
    As Regatta currently stands the difficulty is created by adding more tasks in the same time period, so there's less time to do more tasks. The same tasks given in wooden league are the same tasks offered in golden league (I assume).

    None of the tasks are weighed by difficulty, so in the end it becomes even more and more reliant on RNG (random number generator) to get easier tasks worth more points to come out on top. An issue with this is that the randomness of the refresh-able list doesn't incorporate the difficulty of tasks. Currently our co-op is struggling in that we get the same tasks over and over, tasks worth low points, or tasks that are very difficult, so we're stuck in a constant loop of refreshing tasks. In higher leagues this issue will only be worse due to the points above, and also the fact that 10-20 hour+ tasks are no longer a reasonable choice.

    Balancing Leagues/Tasks
    Overall I think Regatta could use some tweaks or changes to make it more appealing. More tasks can be added to the pool which could also be scaled especially for each league. It can be tiring doing many difficult or similar tasks over and over throughout the entire Regatta, so a variety of easy and hard tasks is good.

    If there are harder tasks in higher leagues requiring larger quantities of products and goods then the amount of tasks should be less as a result. In the current Regatta though the number of tasks increases with each League, so there's an imbalance if there's an even mix of easy and hard tasks.

    I think Wooden League could start off easier. Crop growing tasks could have less amounts, less products brought back from ships, and easier tasks in general. In higher leagues the numbers can rise and the variety of tasks could be expanded on.

    Since there are more tasks to be completed in the top leagues the tasks should be difficult, but not require a significant amount of time.

    New Co-operative Tasks/Task Cycle
    Maybe certain tasks could be available for the whole co-op, or 2+ members to work together in completing a more challenging task worth more points (270+). The bigger tasks could be available for all co-ops competing outside of the regular tasks that refresh. Members could 'join' in to help and the task would be available to 'start' or start automatically when there's enough members. Tasks could include multiple items to harvest, goods to produce, etc. The time for these co-operative tasks could be longer in the beginning, and shorter in higher leagues.

    I think it would be fun if there was some kind of random cycle like 'hot items' in the zoo that changed items/tasks in every league every week, other week, or every month to keep things fresh.
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