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Thread: Game freezing

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    Game freezing

    The last few days, the game app has been freezing. I’m on level 264. Super frustrating as it seems to do this when I reach the end of a level and I have to redo it. It takes a life away, doesn’t give the reward and is a pain. What’s the deal?

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    Are you playing on facebook or the mobile game?

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    Mobile. It just did it again after I finished a hard level and spent 2100 coins. I’m about ready to delete it

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    Hi Tgk,

    please don't give up. It could be a problem of your device. Look at google how many GB of RAM (it's not the same as free space, Dasha mentioned) your device has. It needs 1 GB of RAM. And then look how many other apps are open. Maybe you could close some open apps.

    Hope that helps.

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    I had nothing else open and plenty of ram. It just did it again. I’ve lost a lot of coins and levels. Unless these are refunded, I’m done.

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    Hi Tgk,

    then I would report this (better than deleting) to Playrix customer support. Better from within the game or otherwise via Email. The data you can see in Honor's signature or Dasha's signature or posts. Look at similar questions and give Playrix as much information as possible. Very detailed. They are not fast with replying, but Daha mentioned they do reply. First you get a automatized answer. Please stay in contact with them. I wish you so much that your problem will solved!

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