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Thread: Regatta Task & Journal Change

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    Regatta Task & Journal Change

    Task Journal Change
    With the way Regatta works now it can be frustrating for co-ops with around 20-30 members. In steel league the competition is much higher than wooden and copper, and with everyone trying to do higher point tasks it's becoming an issue to have to wait 30 minutes for tasks to refresh. It might be worse off in silver or golden leagues.

    I think tasks should be able to be added to your task log and from there you can start any of the tasks you pick up at anytime. The limit of tasks you can take is the amount set for each league. You could freely remove and delete tasks as you see fit, but once you start one that's the task you're set to complete.

    The way it's set-up now we have to constantly dump tasks; even higher point tasks simply because the ones who want to do that task already have one they're working on which could take up to a few days for them to finish. They are committed to that task and have no option of choosing the next task ahead until they're done, and by that time the task they would like is long gone. Many of our plane, train, crop, heli, etc. worth 125-135 points or a high amount of points are being dumped simply because of this.

    Modify Tasks in Higher Leagues

    Also another issue that might come up in silver or gold league is the time limit. With only 5-6 days to do Regatta and 13/15 tasks respectively in silver/golden league, plane and train tasks are almost not an option. I think our co-op has decided to dump them all even with the penalty because of the length of the task and time limit. Also many of the crop tasks or any tasks that take 10-20 hours+ aren't reasonable either since you need to finish about 3 tasks on average per day. If you do take any of these tasks you're going to need to double or triple up on tasks the next day. I'm not sure what can be done, but maybe the numbers can be reduced to more manageable amounts. We haven't hit the golden league week yet so I'm not sure if the tasks are already scaled to that time frame, but if it isn't there might be some issues like the ones mentioned above.
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    Very good point Brendon. I agree completely.
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    Completely agree with you here too, Brendon, and very well phrased, thank you.

    But, having stated so clearly what might be become a problem for those in the silver and golden leagues as example leaves to wonder if this might not be just exactly as purposed ... A bigger "challenge", the Developers might call that.

    Could be wrong here, and really hope I am, but to me this asks for more and more, and then too much, frustration – and in consequence for more people not wanting to participate in the Regattas at all.
    In the past the Developers already sometimes haven't been too good at estimating what still is a challenge for the (average) player, but what is just too much of frustration.
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    While I agreed with most of your points across the forum, I believe the regatta was created to be a "money maker" for Playtrix. The only way to successfully navigate thru the races, especially at higher levels, will be to rush tasks using t cash and then dump tasks and rush task selections. Golden League is the best of the best...I think more like who spends the most. Competition...pressure from fellow co op members....the need for ingame cash leads buy buy buy. A never ending circle.
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    Not sure if I am reading your second part correctly, so apologies if I have misunderstood

    But are you saying (in different words) that tasks should be easier to complete in higher levels, just because there are more that people can do And so people in higher leagues will get more prizes for completing more, yet simpler tasks?

    If so, doesn't seem quite fair.

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    Hi Laurel. I think you are right. Reading around the Forum before the Regattas got underway, players who had experienced a similar concept in other game formats all said what you just said. One could clearly see what was coming with the Playrix version.

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    If people do get 'caught up' in the need to win, it would be interesting to see if what they spend equates in anyway to the prizes they get.

    I can't see that it could, unless prizes are significantly greater and of much, much higher value than what I have seen so far ...

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