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Thread: Easier Edit Mode

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    Easier Edit Mode

    Lvl 44 now and I'd really like to completely redesign my town. The only thing I really need (and am suggesting) for what I want to do would be a button that allowed me to return everything to storage and have a blank slate. It would be cool, though, to have a feature similar to clash of clans I believe, where you can have several different layouts of your town saved.

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    The idea of storing everything to redesign from scratch is number 4 on the list of frequently suggested ideas already. But the ability to put community buildings into storage is on the list of cannot be implemented, so not sure if that effectively kiboshes the first part.

    The notion of saving several layouts has been raised in other posts recently too, though hasn’t yet made it onto the lists. Given how often we experience server fatigue and syncing issues, I’m not sure I’d want to risk it even if we had the option.

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    I probably should have done a little reading before posting.. Anyway, the community buildings could totally stay on the layout and be worked around. It's all of the houses, the roads, and factories that would take forever to move into storage. Having multiple layouts probably would be overkill, but, it's a nice though. I like to change things up in my town.

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    Building/town edit

    It could be done like it is done in clash of clans.. I have pics I can show you, but basically when u click on edit it would give a box with a beginning plot and then you could place all of your buildings etc... and save for later or activate that land. your original land is just saved in edit mode. Clash of clans has 3 boxes for edit 1 is your active and the other two are copies for editing. I would love to redesign my town but it would be too much as I am lvl 67

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