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Thread: Tips or Tricks for Getting Township Cash

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    we purchase some t cash in yesterday after that we did not receive any videos why
    is that happened with you or not
    we purchase first time

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    Many players have reported that for them, helicopter missions that make you watch advertisement video's for t-cash have stopped after purchasing t-cash. This is not always the case, but many have experienced this.

    So, enjoy your advertisement-free game?

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    How about using my gems to pursue complete families in the zoo? Good investment of gems or another trap? Sometimes I just don't know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Copperville View Post
    How about using my gems to pursue complete families in the zoo? Good investment of gems or another trap? Sometimes I just don't know.
    It all depend on what level you are and how much you use your gems for boosters. If you use a lot of crop/animal/factory booster, better keep you gems and postpone buying the zoo animals.

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    I buy tcash and spend it. I almost feel bad about it. I use it to buy boxes in my factories, extra boxes in the market and when I totally misjudge a regatta task. I've also used it to complete a building that is totally hogging up my barn space (why won t the just give me one nail to upgrade my barn?)
    People like to talk about saving the tcash they get from watching advertisements. I rarely get those. I'm jealous in a way but, overall, the game gives me entertainment hours. I could spend them at the theater for only 2 hours of entertainment. This game gives me more.

    I only buy tcash during a promotion but, I still buy it.

    I think of tcash like movies or ebooks.

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    I only use my tcash for regatta and now I'm to the point of quiting this game due to the tcash situation. I bought it one time only because it was Mother's Day, it was a good deal and my daughter was being nice and paid for it with her bank card. Ads immediately stopped coming like the usual hourly. It's been over 3 months and I still haven't gotten them back regularly. I'm sitting out this regatta because I don't wana hold my team back due to lack of tcash. I FEEL THEY TRY TO FORCE YOU TO BUY TCASH by taking them away after first purchase. Not fair at all! You should get ads if you don't buy tcash. What do I do if I can't keep buying it?? I sure can't make money if I keep spending 3 tcash to open balloons and I'd get luck to win it from HOL. Ads are the only way to make it fast. I'm making a time log of how much tcash I start the day with, how many times I get an ad, and how much tcash it gives the whole day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mama dee View Post
    Hi, I'm Mama Dee

    Level: 39
    Barn size: 265 (?)
    Achievements: 63/80
    Days in a row of play: 32
    Coins: 36,163
    T Cash: 2

    My problem is getting (& keeping) Township Cash, or T Bucks. It is my one true desire. I feel like I'm going to have to call Gambler's Anonymous pretty soon because I keep using my credit card to make In-App Purchases to by T Cash. I shouldn't have to keep using my real money to play a game. Yahoo Finance announced yesterday that In-App Purchases are expected to be in the billions – that’s BILLIONS w/a B!

    I don’t know about you but I feel like a ‘sucker’ after every ‘In-App Purchase’ for T Cash. While this game is absolutely absorbing, it doesn’t seem worth it to keep spending real money to buy T Cash. After everything is said and done, and I’ve made an in-app purchase to finish a building that has been sitting there looking ugly because there’s scaffolding all around it, I truly get nothing out of the purchase other than guilt (for using my credit card for something so trivial). I mean really, all of the emotion and anticipation is only present before a building is complete. You just want to see your buildings done so that you can look at the beautiful city you've built (without construction scaffolding in your view). :'(

    SO...! Does anybody have a tip or trick on how to acquire Township Cash (I don't really care about the coins).
    When I started to play this game I didn't expect much, to my surprise this game offers T-Cash more often then other games I played, whether it's just by winning some in House of Luck or completing achievements, their quite generous in that department. I have grown to love this game so much I WANTED to spend some REAL money on it, till this date I spent about $80 in Australian dollars mostly for more T-Cash and I have invested that cash into getting all my factories to 6 boxes in the production queue which is so handy in many ways. Any extra T-Cash I earn I spend on market boxes since I like to help friends out and it helps sometimes to speed up a train or plane order.

    I would recommend since were both almost same level just keep playing the game, help others to get clovers to play House of Luck and try to complete certain achievements to get rewarded, I already spent at least 100 T-Cash on buying fuel and parts from the market to help my aerial challenge event which I have earn't the hard way lol.

    I probably wasted my hard earned cash on this new event since next level 39 I unlock the Candy factory and I want to have enough to buy all the boxes lol
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    I am level 97 & i got there without buying any tcash. This game is easy just play often through your day. That way you can gain the most tcash for playing. The airport ads is where you gain a bunch. Good Luck & Enjoy 😎

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    I am new to this game (about 3 weeks) and I have already spent about $75 on Tcash. I find that I am buying tools each time when I expand! I have quit finishing community buildings (I did that too before I read in here). I guess it frosts my wheaties that I have to buy shovels and axes every single time now that I am in a level past 12. Honestly folks - couldn't we do a tool rental?

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    Hi NikoelC

    Township is a very slow game. We get everything we need with time. I am afraid your are too impatient

    Do you have the 3 trains? If not get them as they are the ones bringing the most needed items. Give them top priority

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