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Thread: Tips or Tricks for Getting Township Cash

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    Tips or Tricks for Getting Township Cash

    Hi, I'm Mama Dee

    Level: 39
    Barn size: 265 (?)
    Achievements: 63/80
    Days in a row of play: 32
    Coins: 36,163
    T Cash: 2

    My problem is getting (& keeping) Township Cash, or T Bucks. It is my one true desire. I feel like I'm going to have to call Gambler's Anonymous pretty soon because I keep using my credit card to make In-App Purchases to by T Cash. I shouldn't have to keep using my real money to play a game. Yahoo Finance announced yesterday that In-App Purchases are expected to be in the billions – that’s BILLIONS w/a B!

    I don’t know about you but I feel like a ‘sucker’ after every ‘In-App Purchase’ for T Cash. While this game is absolutely absorbing, it doesn’t seem worth it to keep spending real money to buy T Cash. After everything is said and done, and I’ve made an in-app purchase to finish a building that has been sitting there looking ugly because there’s scaffolding all around it, I truly get nothing out of the purchase other than guilt (for using my credit card for something so trivial). I mean really, all of the emotion and anticipation is only present before a building is complete. You just want to see your buildings done so that you can look at the beautiful city you've built (without construction scaffolding in your view). :'(

    SO...! Does anybody have a tip or trick on how to acquire Township Cash (I don't really care about the coins).

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    You have to be patient in this game. It's meant to go at a snail's pace through some levels.

    I never spend tcash except on things that will help long term, like more Market boxes, or more crates in the factories. Never to just finish something up.

    Give yourself a tcash spending (and buying!) moratorium for two weeks, or a month. If it's too slow for you and you don't play, then go back to your purchasing habits with less guilt. If, instead, you find you can earn tcash in game and accept a slower pace, then there you go!

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    Betsy is right, mama dee. Stop spending to complete buildings - that is a TCash trap. Don't buy balloons, or treasure chests in the Mine - another TCash trap. Let your TCash accumulate instead and then spend as Betsy suggests.

    Also, wait to purchase TCash until a big event (usually one every month) when you can get a much better deal.

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    There are a lot of discussions on this forum about getting t cash. You don't need to keep buying T cash to play this game. I am at level 69 and have every community building completed that is available for me. I only buy cash several times a year and only when offered in a sale or an event promotion with a special decoration. This year I have purchased t cash 4 times, spending no more than $50 total.
    Instead, try to enjoy the process of playing the game. Don't rush through it, it only gets more complicated at higher levels. Play every part of the game available to you. Send out your planes, trains, and boats as often as you can. Dig in the mine. Join a co op. Fill requests. HOL has chests filled with all kinds of things...I scored 22 t cash yesterday. Before you know it you will earn what you need. Another idea that I follow is that I do not buy a community building until I have the building supplies to complete it. It takes the pressure of finishing it off. There are wonderful guides in the forum section titled new to township that will tell you how many slabs, bricks, and glass you need to complete CB's. Inhale. Exhale. Now repeat after's just a game.

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    Very good advice Laurel. You should host a monthly seminar for new players in the Lounge!!

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    Yes, very good advices, Laurel. One point deserves a closer look: Filling request and collecting clovers for the HoL. This might be more profitabe than it looks. Statistically, with 50 clovers a day (= 10 times Hol) you will do fine without buying T-Cash.

    And yes, don't ever spend T-Cash to just finish something up.

    Later in the game (starting at Level 63) there also will be the jewelry you can buy for coins and sell for T-Cash.

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    Spending real money to get fake money never made any sense to me. I get that the apps are a business and has to make money some way to keep the apps free.

    Anyway, there are ways to earn t-cash without spending actual money. There are plenty of suggestions on this forum that are good. I just wait patiently for the movie guy to show up with videos to view to earn t-cash. I help my neighbors to earn clovers to use at the House of Luck, hopefully get lucky to find t-cash in the chests. Sometimes I get t-cash or coins in gift balloons from neighbors. Save enough to rent Raja for a day to get as much jewelry as I can to sell to the mafia guy for t-cash.

    Good luck.

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    I admit I'm a sucker for paying 3T to open every chest I run across. At midnight I gleefully run around to other towns until I find all 5 (1 free). I open all the ones I find in the mine. This is about the only way I burn up t-cash.

    I figure I've gotten enough fun out of a "free" game that I'm willing to throw some real cash at Playrix every now and again, as long as I'm getting something of value. $0.99 specials or t-cash + special decoration (bought the Easter and Sea Treasure Hunt ones).

    I usually avoid Raja but I like your idea, wait for him to offer a discount and just fill up on jewelry. Best to do that just after expanding the barn as I'm usually pretty tight on space. Thanks for that idea.

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    Thank you Nana and Cathy for your kind words. I'm really only repeating what I've read on the forum and in my co op chat. You ...and all the other players...are so willing to share you thoughts and tips, and so generous with your time and goods. I appreciate it so.

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    Theres a sale of T cash about 1 dollar = 280. If I'd remember + the 3.5 dollars = 600 T cash..Be smart guys. I only spend my t cash by buying boxes in the factories. Coz I hate waiting to finish all my product in just two boxes.

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