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Thread: Want To Change Your Username? Post Here

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    Exclamation Could I please change my username?

    Current username: 52Janice
    Desired username: PhenixTownship
    Reason: I want to remove personal information from my username
    I did request this before but I was requesting to change to a username that was already in use. Since I have realized my error, I am requesting again.
    Thank you!!
    Co-op: Flying Cloud #FYWW7J
    Town: Phenix
    Platform: Android

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    Current - [username changed] Desired - Buzzztown. Reason - My real name. Tysm !!!
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    Current user name [-]
    Change to Penguin or Penguin Town
    Reason: to remove personal information and to match town's name
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    Current username: [-]
    Desired username: meow7766
    Why are you requesting this change: I didn’t realize it was going to use my real name which I don’t want to use.
    Last edited by dreadnought; 06-17-2019 at 12:01 PM. Reason: username changed

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    Current Username: ... Margot Hanson-Sanderford
    Desired Username: ... UMA
    Why are you requesting this change? I don’t want to use my real is too long and a privacy issue.

    Thank you

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    Current Username: Debbie Cameron-Marshall
    Desired Username: Whiskey Deb
    Want to match my game name.

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    Want to change user name to RubyJuly

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    Current Username: ...cjgade
    Desired Username: ... cjmpls
    Why are you requesting this change? ... real name was originally used

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