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Thread: Want To Change Your Username?

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    William Shannon
    Are they still doing name changes?

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    Aug 2016
    I want my name changed from [former username]
    To Chely821
    My identity has been stolen twice this year...

    I posted I need a name change asap... due to identify theft.. THANK YOU
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    Oct 2018
    I’d like to change my user name to Ripster. Don’t want my real name used.
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    Oct 2018
    Current username
    Desired username Sunfish

    Do not want to use my full name. Thanks
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    Current name
    New name LKL
    I don't want to use my real name!

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    Current user
    Desired name: LKL
    Reason: I should not have used my real name

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    Current username: jdelperdang
    Desired username: Wigwam
    Reason: want my name to match the game and not real name

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    Mesa az
    Name now Mesa Az
    New name I want Angel Wings.
    I was stupid to use my city was told it is easily to find were I live if a hacker does it dont want to put my adult disabled child or my mom who has early stage Alzheimer's or myself at risk for danger. I was stupid to use my city name.
    I would appreciate the consideration in name change thank you.

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    Sep 2017
    Current User Name:
    Desired User Name: Phenix
    Why I am requesting this change: I would like to remove any part of my name and make my user name match my Township name.
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    Apr 2019
    Current Username:
    Desired Username: F106lady
    Why are you requesting this change? Typo - (feeling really stupid right about now )

    Thanks in advance!
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