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Thread: New phone. Lost progress

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    New phone. Lost progress

    I got a new phone and I lost all of my progress. Is there any way to get my game back where I was ?

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    Were you connected to facebook on your old device? If yes, you can connect with the same account on your new device, and the progress will be restored. If not, and if you can still access your old device, you should connect it to fb, and then connect again on your new device.

    If facebook is not an option for you, you can send a report to customer support from your old device (so they have the information about your progress), and tell them that you want to continue on another device. Then send a second report form your new device, include the ticket number you got from your first report, and maybe they can restore the previous game on your new device.

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    I am not on Facebook, and do not want to be. I would like you to create a way so I can share my progress on both my iPhone and iPad. I also purchased a new phone but haven’t activated it yet for fear of losing my progress. Will the process you mentioned above really work? I have spent significant time and money and will be terribly upset if I lose my progress. Please help. Thank you.

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    If you want to transfer the game on your new device (and continue playing only on that), you should contact support (see above). But without having the game connected to facebook, you cannot sync the progress constantly between 2 devices.
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