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Thread: Suspected Cheater

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    Suspected Cheater

    I founded one cheter so i join that coop i abserve secretly i caught that guy finsh 14 tasks 13 hours i shocked. After i confirmed he do cheating i complaint againist him

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    Uhm... congratulations?

    Be very sure. 14 tasks in 13 hours is not difficult to do if you are well prepared, and does not, alone, indicate cheating.

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    I'm all for super-secret-spy missions, but as Nevada said, just the fact that he finished 14 tasks in 13h doesn't proof anything. How did you confirm that he cheated?
    And what i'm more interested in, by "i complained against him" do you mean that you reported it to playrix, or that you wrote this post here?

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    I finished 16 tasks in 14 hrs. I had saved up a lot of mine tool( 500+) and all I did besides mining was 2 colourful feather tasks and 2 HOL's.

    I would advice you to be cautious when reporting people as cheaters. Sometimes, people are very fast in completing tasks , because they are ready!

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    He is doing cheating his whole regatta life he send only 50 hecopters. And 100 trains how to get 90 to level

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    Boohoo he is real hacker. He send his whole regatta life send only 50 helicopter. How to get xp level 90

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    ALWAYS be sure that you are finding actual cheating behaviors and not just a fast racer or high T-cash spender as these actions are not against the Fair Play Policy nor are they necessarily signs of cheating.

    You can learn how to identify and handle suspected cheaters in this post:
    What To Do If You Suspect A Player Or Co-op Is Cheating

    For more information, see Cheating in the READ ME for Co-ops and Regatta Discussions.

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