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Thread: Halloween Event: Final Rewards

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreadnought View Post
    Yeah, but this is one special treatment i could live without. I wonder for how long it will last..
    I bet I also would keep (force) closing everything, and restarting, incl. opening game from the store.
    At least I can assure you you won't need ​the Halloween products anymore but get a nice payment for them. Fingers duly crossed!
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    Day 4, and witches are still flying around in my town, pumpkins are growing, halloween costumes are still in production, the island looks more haunted than ever.
    Does anyone want to stop by for a pumpkin pie?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreadnought View Post
    Does anyone want to stop by for a pumpkin pie?
    Sure! esp. as I don't have pumpkins anymore... a few ghosts sitting on houses is all that's left, I'd say.
    How is it for others around you; I seem to recall you mentioned RL friends playing?
    haven't seen anyone here either.
    Very strange, in any case. Maybe they need to save up money first with which to pay you? ;D

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    I finally got the buyback!
    I had to restart app, clear cache, re-boot device, and it finally happened - my barn was overflowing with halloween products

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    Congrats! now you can invite us to something more expensive?

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