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Thread: Share Your Tips & Strategies

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    Share Your Tips & Strategies

    So the game is finally out and we're sure that some of you guys wouldn’t mind to learn some helpful tips and tricks to beat the levels faster. That's why we have decided to create this thread for you to share your useful tips, advice or strategies with other players to learn something new and help others to succeed in the game!

    Are you a match-3 pro? Tell us your secrets! we're sure that all our players will appreciate any useful information helping them with the game here

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    I'm lvl 84. As you progress through the levels, you'll find some blocks will have to be busted more than a few times. Don't focus on single matches. Try to make matches at the bottom of the puzzle. As blocks fall into place you'll inadvertently make matches above. If there's chains or double blocks of wood focus on those first. Good luck!

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    When doing the lemonade levels, it helps me to focus less on making specific matches underneath the lemonade so it falls down and more on making firecrackers that I can explode in order to lower the glasses. This seems to be an easier way to do it overall.

    If you can on the levels where you need to find gnomes or a certain number of flowers or fruit, try to get 2 rainbow blasters side by side and cross them. This will completely clear your board and has worked for me several times when there were a lot of obstacles to getting what I needed.

    On the levels where you need to grow your own flowers, remember that making adjacent matches helps grow your flowers but so do bombs. On these levels, I make as many firecrackers and other bombs as much as I can and explode them near the flowerbeds. The results of bombing the beds have been really good.

    These strategies have really helped me at times get to the level I am now - level 98.

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    Play smart .. take time thinking of your next moves for moves are limited. With time and practice you will progress fine and, learn how to make good choices in life too. :-D
    If you get stuck in a frame of a certain level and you're out of moves only the game won't end .. tap the icon far above on your right and end game from there. I'm now at level 182

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    If you want to clear a lot of levels, it's important to use good strategy and adjust as necessary depending on the requirements of the level. Keep an eye out for opportunities to create bombs and rainbow blasts, then use them wisely when you get them. Exploding multiple bombs in a single move builds the rainbow blast meter faster, and matching a rainbow blast with a rainbow blast clears an entire layer off the board. (As satisfying as this is, it's not always the right strategy either, such as when you need to generate flowers.)

    When you lose a level, take note of which objectives you haven't completed and where the corresponding objects are on the board, then devise a strategy to take them out sooner on your next attempt. Sometimes things are simply beyond your control, but most of the time they aren't. I'm currently on level 615 and have beaten hundreds of so-called impossible levels this way, without boosters.

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    You use the shovels by clicking on them then click of the object you want out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Funtown View Post
    Hi. I need help with level 248 please. I seem to only get a few moves in before one butterfly escapes. Usually no matches for that color or bombs to get rid of it. What is the best way to win this level ? Thank you in advance for your help.
    hi Funtown,

    if you search with "level <number>" in this forum, you'll probably find several, for lvl 248, too. Will probably give you better/faster results than in this one-for-all thread.
    In this case, try this one -- you're lucky, Obtuse, who has an amazing memory and can always give helpful hints to get through a level, answered there. Good luck!

    ETA: well, that was fast, lol! congrats
    I'll just leave my post up also for possibly helping others.
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    A tip on level 413 that I spent a week to complete and almost made me abandon the game. It is a timed level and the board is asymmetric. Use a bomb. When the game starts if the bomb is not on the upper left corner BEFORE MAKING ANY MOVE exit the level and start again. You will not lose any life, bomb or seconds. When the bomb is in the right place, explode it and keep on working on that corner. With a bit of luck other bombs arrive and you can complete the level. Good luck.

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    Совет: смотрите рекламу, собирпйте деньги и не тратьте, как насобираете 1800 покупайте 3 динамита. На "красных" уровнях берите с собой динамит сразу. На других уровнях не используйте доппинги. Когда начнете растить цветок, у вас будут бесконечные жизни 2-4-6 часов этого достаточно чтоб прорваться вперед на 30-40 уровней.

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    I am severely stuck on level 117. I need about 10 more seconds every time. I'm going insane lol. Please help! I have used up all my livesand extras

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