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Thread: How Many Levels to Unlock Rooms?

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    Glad to see I'm not the only one to think our garden and such are cluttered now. Level 447, statue unveiled and I'm back in the damn greenhouse. The front yard, I get it. But the rest of it is completely stupid to attend to instead of the inside where I want to be.

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    I just finished the garage & opened the party room. That's the room off the living room with the balcony. Level 970.

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    Hmm, been reading through the whole thread here. I’ve just started in the garden, am on level 157 and stupid question but how do you get stars? I finish a level, congrats and all but I do not have any stars. Do I need them? Thanks

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    Stars are awarded for completing levels. Hard levels give 2 stars. All other levels give 1 star.

    Stars are used to renovate the house and grounds.
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    Thanks, Bethany. I’ve just completed level 157 and earned my first star!

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    something to look forward to -- if you ever get to level 2795, then you've pretty much completed updating the mansion and ground, and you get to shift to the new "lake house", and start to fix that up from scratch. (currently everyone is max'd out at level 2811 waiting for Thursday for 30 more levels to be released.)
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    Oh good call jayleen. I’m in the living room and have been hit with 4 star tasks.....tho if I get unlimited lives I do tend to store up the stars til the timer runs out

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayleensmama View Post
    Thanks! I was hoping it would be the front yard (since it's a dump) or the room to the right of the living room with the balcony. Also, I read elsewhere on Facebook that it's better to wait and collect stars than push ahead. Apparently when new rooms are opened, current room tasks are less stars (which explains why you got into the living room at 600, and I got in at 499). Xender Discord Omegle I'll be collecting stars and not fulfilling anything for as long as I can.
    Sorry LeeLee but I did not take note at what level each room is opened. From memory/approximation, I would say we stay in the Hall until level 90 or about. We then move to the kitchen.
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